I want to apply for a professional course that has a ‘fitness to practise’ requirement – will sharing a condition or impairment mean I can’t take a certain course or career path?

Some professional courses require students to meet fitness to practise requirements or competence standards. These are designed to ensure students are clear about the demands and expectations of the course and can carry out their duties safely. This is usually assessed through a questionnaire about your health, and an occupational health assessment is sometimes required.

A physical or mental health condition, learning difference or long-term illness is unlikely to affect your ability to meet these standards or requirements. Reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure all students have an equal chance of meeting them, regardless of an impairment or health condition. However, the standards or requirements themselves cannot be adjusted.

Giving information about an impairment or condition in your UCAS application will not affect the competency standards or fitness to practise requirements. Universities and colleges only use this information to ensure you receive the right level of support during your course.

Your university or college will be able to give you more details about the fitness to practise requirements on your chosen course and discuss how this will be assessed.

Read more information about ‘fitness to practise’ requirements on the Scope website.

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