I’m worried about sharing details of a mental health condition – will telling the university or college really help me?

You’re not on your own. In fact, more students than ever share a mental health condition on their UCAS application because, by accessing support, their experience of higher education can be much more positive.

Student support teams offer confidential support and advice through student support services, and many have specialist mental health advisers. These are trained professionals who will be happy to talk to you and offer advice and support with any concerns or issues you may have – both during your studies and before you arrive. They will also be able to let you know about any services and resources (this can range from counselling, mentors, and support groups) available.

It is really important to know that you are completely in control of any support – if you choose not to use it, you don’t have to. However, having it in place means it’s ready if you change your mind or your circumstances change.

For further help, visit the UMHAN website for detailed information about this subject.  

You can also get information and advice from the Student Minds website – an organisation dedicated to helping students manage their mental health.

UMHAN and Student Minds have also written blog articles about sharing a mental health condition in the UCAS application.

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