I’ve had difficulties with my mental health in the past, but I am managing it fine on my own now – do I need to tell the university or college?

This is entirely your decision but we recommend you do.

If you have not studied at higher education level before, you may not be fully aware of the support you will need. Letting the university or college know of your potential needs means that support can be organised quickly should you require it – even if you never need to use it. 

If you choose not to share a condition through UCAS, you can tell the university or college directly at any point. It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with how and where to access help to support your mental health and wellbeing when you arrive, in case you find it useful another time.

You can also use the free text box to give more information about your circumstances, if you wish.

Telling the university or college about your circumstances is a positive step towards becoming an independent and successful student – a huge range of support is provided to students with all sorts of individual needs to ensure they have a fair chance to do well, so you are not alone. 

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