Provider opt-in for pre-approved reply swaps

Following continued success of our pre-approved reply swap process, we are encouraging providers to sign up to this process for the 2024 cycle. 

Please complete the web form below to indicate if you intend to sign up, or not.

What is it? 

When an applicant wishes to amend their replies before 25 July 2024, they need permission from all impacted choices. By opting-in to the pre-approved service, applicants will not need to contact you to seek permission, and you will not need to inform our Customer Success Team, thus reducing the number of calls or emails required. 

When does it operate?

The pre-approval process for the 2024 cycle will operate from week beginning 5 February until the final date for amended decisions, 25 July 2024.

Excluded courses

For the 2024 cycle, providers will be able to opt-in to the scheme and identify up to 20 individual courses where approval is required, should you need to manage student numbers more closely in these areas. 

Please note, we are no longer automatically excluding medicine and allied healthcare courses, so please make sure to indicate if you wish to exclude them. We are managing this process at course code level, so excluding a course at course code level will exclude all campus and start date options assigned to that specific course code. 

Opting in (and out)

Please complete the form below to indicate whether you are opting in or out of the process for the 2024 cycle.

If you are opting in

Once opted-in your provider will remain in the scheme until 25 July, unless you choose to opt-out again. You can do this, or amend your list of approved courses, by contacting our Customer Success Team (please note we will be making changes to our database of courses/providers on a weekly basis). We will start the pre-approval process for your courses from the week beginning 5 February.

Please note if you do opt in, we may still require permission from other affected providers that have not opted in, or excluded the relevant course – changes will only be made once all permissions required are received.

There are also specific scenarios where individual provider permissions may be required, or limits on actions that applicants can request, such as the removal of replies or change requests once Confirmation decisions have been processed.

If you are unable to opt in, please let us know the reasons, as this will help us with changes to this process in future.
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