Reforming admissions

UCAS is supportive of continual improvement to admissions, having continually reformed our service to better support students. Innovations recently introduced by UCAS include:

  • UCAS Hub – a personalised information and advice dashboard that provides students with the tools and information they need to start their journey to higher education
  • Decline my place – a service that provides students with total control over their application choices
  • Clearing Plus – a data-led system that intelligently suggests courses to students based on their preferences, circumstances, and achieved grades

We look forward to further exploration of how we can continue to improve students' experiences, and to working with our customers and the wider sector to shape potential reforms. As such, we welcome the Department for Education’s consultation on UK HE admissions and the opportunities it brings for a sector wide focus on improving outcomes for students.

UCAS admissions model

Our focus is ensuring any reform improves fairness for all students, and maximising the associated benefits, including:

  • Broadening horizons – presenting students with dynamic and personalised information about traditional and evolving HE routes and pathways to enable them to explore all possibilities, including apprenticeships. 
  • Strengthening aspiration – delivering a system that enables students to confidently make aspirational choices and exercise choice with minimal risk. 
  • Driving transparency – leveraging data and insight to build understanding and trust of the system. 
  • Embedding efficiency – unlocking provider efficiencies to enable resource to be directed at activities which deliver true value for students, especially in relation to widening participation. 
  • Increasing accessibility – simplification of the admissions journey to increase ease of use for domestic and international students alike.
  • Promoting student success -– supporting the building of a strong relationship between provider and student that allows for a successful transition and further study.  

We believe that through continued consultation, conversation and collaboration these benefits can be realised, and we’ve engaged with the sector and customers to review the way reform could work practically, while improving fairness for students. Below is a visual of a model we support based on our current engagement with the sector:

The above model is different from the models included within the Department for Educations consultation, as illustrated below:  

Get involved

We will continue to work with customers and the sector to evolve our modelling during the current consultation period.

If you’re not already a customer or stakeholder we work closely with and would like to be part of our engagement forums, sign up and we’ll contact you with details of how you can get involved.
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