Parents and carers

Information for parents and carers about the opportunities for post-16 education and training,.

Education and training

Young people in England now have to continue in some form of education or training until they are 18. In Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland students have to stay in school until they are 16.

Wherever they are, we’re here to help them make the best next step.

Choosing wisely 

There are lots of different ways for your child to train or continue their education. It's important they decide on a direction that's right for them. For many young people, making their post-16 choices is the first time they make important decisions which affect their future.

To help students we’ve put together some information and advice so that they can make informed choices and get ready to make their applications.

How you can help

Many young people feel confused and get stuck because they're not sure what to do. It's often a big challenge and your child might need your support to help them choose well. Here you can find advice on how parents and guardians can help.

Be aware of what needs to happen. Remember your child’s school is responsible for providing them with impartial careers information and guidance.