Whether you’ve got your grades or not, we have plenty of help and advice for you.

Received your results and you're happy with them? Congratulations! And good luck with whatever you're going on to do.

If you haven’t done as well as you expected in your exams, or if you've changed your mind about your next steps, don’t worry. There are still a number of options available to you.

What to do if you didn't do as well as you expected

  1. Speak to the college, school, or training provider you planned to go to. They may still take you, especially if you only just missed out on your grades. Talk to your teachers and family about your options. 
  2. If you’re not able to get on to your chosen course, you can re-sit your exams. Speak to your teachers about when you'll be able to do this. You may even be able to do re-sits while you study your post-16 course if you want – check with your chosen school or college to find out if this is possible.  
  3. If you don’t want to re-sit your exams but want to go on to further education, most colleges and training providers will offer courses at a variety of levels. Contact them to find out what is available.
  4. To help you choose what to do next, check out our information on qualifications you can take, apprenticeships, and traineeships