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Five reasons to sign up to the UCAS newsletter

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So you’ve followed us on social media, and you’ve probably read some of our blogs, and watched the videos on our video wall, but did you know you can also sign up for monthly newsletters? Here are our top five reasons why you should:
Get useful information and advice
Each month, we’ll include useful advice on topics such as choosing courses, practical ‘how-to’ guides about filling in your application, and guidance on what to write about in your personal statement.
Never miss a deadline!
We’ll give you plenty of notice about all the application deadlines and things you need to be doing for them.
You don’t need to do anything!
Once a month, we’ll send your bite-sized newsletter directly to your inbox.
Get reassurance and tips from other students
Doing something new – like applying to uni – can be scary! We’ll share tips, thoughts, and advice with you from other students in your shoes.
Read about the things that matter to YOU
Your monthly newsletter will include articles on things like careers, staying healthy, and saving money. Some articles are written by experts and some by students, giving you a balanced view on all sorts of topics.
What are you waiting for? Sign up now!