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Planned maintenance: 19 – 20 April

We’re carrying out planned maintenance from Thursday 19 April until Friday 20 April.

This means you may become disconnected from Apply. Please do not make any changes to your application during the following times:

  • 07:30 – 08:00 (UK time) on Thursday 19 April
  • 18:00 – 18:30 (UK time) on Thursday 19 April
  • 08:00 – 08:30 (UK time) on Friday 20 April

Track will also be unavailable between 18:15 – 22:00 (UK time) on Friday 20 April.

The UCAS Teacher Training search tool will be unavailable from 18:15 – 22:00 (UK time) on Friday 20 April.
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UCAS Conservatoires Track and UCAS Teacher Training Track availability: 21 – 22 April

UCAS Conservatoires Track and UCAS Teacher Training Track will be unavailable from 06:00 on Saturday 21 April until 18:00 on Sunday 22 April (UK time), due to maintenance.

UCAS Teacher Training: decisions and replies

Find out what the different decisions from training providers in Track mean, and how to reply to them.
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  • Once you’ve received decisions in Track from all your choices, you have ten working days to reply to any offers you’ve been given. You only need to reply to your offers once you've had decisions from all your choices, this is when the ten working days begins. 
  • Read on to find out more about the different decisions you may receive and how to reply.
  • If you’re sure you already have the offer you want, you can withdraw from any outstanding choices to accept that offer.  Find out how to withdraw a choice.

Training providers’ decisions

You’ll find out in Track what decision each training provider has made on your application.
  • They have 40 working days to do this in both Apply 1 and Apply 2.
  • This period of time excludes weekends and holidays. UCAS is closed between 24 December and 1 January (inclusive). These dates do not count as working days.
  • If you’ve made a change to the provider(s) you are applying to within the seven days allowed, your 40 working days will start from when you made the change.
  • Training providers don’t have to wait the whole 40 working days to let you know their decision, so in Apply 1, you might hear from them all at different times.

Training providers can make the following decisions

Unconditional offer: you’ve got a firm offer of a place on this programme. You’ll only get this if you have met at least all the academic requirements in full. You may still have to meet some non-academic requirements, like a Disclosure and Barring check.

Conditional offer: you have an offer of a place on this programme, as long as you meet some conditions. You’ll be told what these conditions are. You may be waiting for the results of your degree or of the professional skills tests. If you meet the conditions of your offer, your place will be confirmed with that training provider.

Withdraw: if you don’t attend the interview or don’t reply to correspondence, or if the training programme becomes full and a recruitment control is applied, then the training provider will withdraw your application. This means your application won’t be considered further. If you want to be considered again by that training provider, you’d have to make a fresh application in Apply 2.

Unsuccessful: your application has been unsuccessful. We can only give you a reason why you’ve been unsuccessful if the training provider has told us. We do encourage them to do this.

Not qualified in English, maths or science: this may mean that you do not have a GCSE at a high enough grade in one or more of these subjects and won’t be able to achieve it before the programme begins. It might mean that the qualification you hold in one or more of these subjects is not considered to be the equivalent of a GCSE.

Not considered: programme full: this is unlikely to happen since training providers have to consider applications they receive when their programme is open and you can only apply when it is. However, sometimes there might be a small time gap between you sending your application to us and it being sent to the provider. It’s possible that a programme could close in that time.

Your consumer rights

You should have received specific information from your chosen training providers to help you make an informed decision. They're required to make this available to you under consumer protection legislation – find out about the information you should receive.

Replying to your offers

In both Apply 1 and Apply 2, once you’ve received decisions from all your choices, you have ten working days to reply to any offers you’ve got.

If you feel pressured to make a decision ahead of this 10 day window, please let us know and we will follow this up with the training provider(s).
  • The date when your ten working days finish will be displayed in Track.
  • You must reply to your offers in Track. Any verbal or email communication with a training provider will not be considered formal decisions.
  • You can only accept one offer. If you’ve got more than one, you’ll have to choose the offer that's best for you and decline the others.
  • But if you don’t want to accept any of the offers, you can decline them all.
  • Make sure you respond inside the ten working days or your offers will be automatically declined.
  • If you accept an unconditional offer, you’re agreeing to take a place on that programme with that training provider.
  • If you accept a conditional offer, you’re agreeing to take a place on that programme with that training provider, if you meet all the conditions.
You can accept an offer before you’ve heard from all your choices. However, we’d advise you to think very carefully before doing this and don’t do it unless you’re very sure this is the right choice for you. To do this, you must withdraw from any providers who have not given a decision. The option to reply will only become available through Track after you have done this.

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