Reflected on your choices and decided that you would like to change your mind? Not a problem. Follow our tips on how to navigate changing your mind.

Changing your mind

There are many reasons you might want to change your mind about your course, your university or your next steps in general. Whether you've decided on a different career path, or want to live closer to (or further away from!) home, or feel you want a break from studying to work out your next move, it's absolutely fine to change your mind.

You need to be sure you're making the right choices for you, so trust your gut and do your research to back up your decisions. Here's some tips on the different ways you can change your mind, and what you need to do to make it happen.

Results day and Clearing: How to use Clearing if you’ve changed your mind

Results day and Clearing: How to use Clearing if you’ve changed your mind

Changed your mind on your course, uni or college? You can use Clearing to find a new opportunity. Find out how these students decided to go down a different route thanks to Clearing.

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How to switch courses

Want to stick with your uni or college but not sure the course you've chosen is right for you? First you need to chat to your firm or insurance uni or college to see if spaces are available for you on the course - this will differ from provider to provider, but will also depend on whether the course you're looking to change to is similar or a completely different area, as you'll have to consider things like entry requirements.

Once you know you'll be able to switch, you'll need to use the 'Decline my place' button in your application, which will release you from your current firm offer so you can add your new choice.

This is instant though, so make sure you've checked everything is OK with your new course as UCAS can't undo this choice once you click that 'Decline my place' button!

How to change to another university or college

Similar to changing your course, to change your uni or college you'll need to contact them to see if spaces are available through Clearing, and again use the 'Decline my place' button in your application.

You can then add your new choice to get an offer at your preferred provider.

Don't forget about things like accommodation too, if you're moving away from home - many universities will keep some rooms available for clearing offers, but don't leave it too late! Your new course or university change could take a bit of time to display in your Hub so don't panic if it doesn't show straight away.

What other options are there?


Not sure if the traditional university undergraduate degree experience is for you anymore?

Apprenticeships are a great way to earn a wage whilst learning, and there are so many opportunities available in different industries and at different levels.

This is a great way if you're a bit more of a practical, hands-on person, and keen to get some work experience and hit the ground running. You can also apply for apprenticeships throughout the year, so there's no deadline like uni applications.

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Higher Technical Qualifications

If you would like to upgrade your qualifications but don’t want to commit to a 3-year undergraduate degree, then a job focused HTQ might be for you.

HTQs have been designed together with employers to provide the skills they tell us they need and can be completed in 1 or 2 years. They are also available on a part-time basis and HE student finance is available in the same way as for a degree. You can study them at a University or at a FE College.

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Gap year

You could also have the option to defer for a year and go travelling, get some work experience or an internship, do some volunteering or even do some studying to see if your chosen pathway is the right one for you.

Speak to your university or college first as not all courses are possible to defer.

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You might also decide that actually, you just want to go straight into the world of work - perhaps you have a career in mind that you can go straight into, or you're not keen on continuing your studies.

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Changed your mind about what subject to study?

Subject Spotlights give you the chance to try a university course before you apply. Delivered by the lecturers themselves you will gain insight into what it’s like to study the course and give your personal statement a boost.

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