With UCAS International, students have access to all UK courses and scholarship data on one easy-to-search mobile application. You can use UCAS International to see the scholarships your students will be eligible for, based on the personalised profile you can help them create.

Stay connected and support your students

Increase your student engagement by using UCAS International to help your students research courses and universities in the UK. Create an agent account and communicate directly with your students and see the courses they're interested in.

Engage with your students and talk to them in the app to support them and to encourage them through their application journey.

What's new?

In response to demand UCAS has built on the foundations of Myriad by UCAS and its achievements to date by expanding its offering to include undergraduate course listings.

Myriad by UCAS has been renamed the UCAS International App and given a new look and feel to further align with our trusted and globally recognised core UCAS brand. 

Support more students

The advanced service, being rolled out with selected universities, allows applications to be processed digitally through a single application form, which means no manual processing of applications via complex university interfaces.

Save hours and hours of manual submissions, not to mention all the costs that come with it, and still receive revenue commissions from the universities.

With UCAS International, you have access to your own student dashboard, with full analytics. In fact, you’ll see where all your students are in their application journey, and how you can assist them to get into the university of their dreams. 

Spend more time supporting students and recruiting, and less time chasing paper.

Addition of undergraduate courses

The addition of undergraduate courses in the mobile app enable you to:

  • Guide both your postgraduate and undergraduate prospective applicants through their discovery and decision-making journey for UK study.
  • Research and compare 30,000 undergraduate and 14,000 postgraduate courses, from hundreds of UK universities – in one app.
  • Help students make their dream to study in the UK a reality matching to everything from scholarships and grants, accommodation to booking English Language tests.
  • Access trusted and impartial advice, in the language of their choice.

No technology consideration required

UCAS International, students can research courses, universities and funding with one app. 

Easy. Fast. Effective.

UCAS International is your bespoke course and funding search platform. A fully cross-platform mobile app, versatile, efficient and friction-free.

Students download the app from the app store using your unique link. You access the same app as a recruiter, and interact with your students to assist them in their journey to study in the UK.

The way your students apply and that you manage applications will remain the same

  • Your postgraduate applicants can continue their journey and apply through the mobile app to our partner providers. Students looking to apply to undergraduate courses will still need to do so through the UCAS Hub.
  • You will need to continue to manage and submit your postgraduate applications in the agent portal, and undergraduate applications through the adviser portal.

To make this a seamless journey for applicants, anyone who registers for the mobile app will be able to access the UCAS Hub using the same log in credentials. Here they can continue their research and start their undergraduate application.