Coronavirus update

We’re closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), to ensure we do all we can to help students with their applications.

Following the announcement of school closures and the cancellation of examinations and assessments across the UK, please find below activities currently underway.

UCAS is working extensively with the relevant government departments, regulators, and sector bodies, such as the Department for Education, UUK Ofqual, Scottish Government, and Office for Students to ensure that there is shared information and understanding as the situation develops.

You can see the announcements on the relevant government websites:

2020 cycle decision-making

UCAS Undergraduate

On 23 March, the Government asked providers in England to stop making unconditional offers or amending existing offers to students for two weeks.

To give everyone more time to gain clarity on the new processes for awarding qualifications and to give students more time to consider their options, we have extended the upcoming May undergraduate offer deadlines for universities and students by two weeks. Once we have finalised the new date this will be communicated to UCAS correspondents, advisers, and affected applicants this week.

We are still informing advisers and applicants that we expect the admissions cycle to run broadly similar to previous years, and there will be flexibility for applicants to make choices throughout the rest of the year, including a Confirmation and Clearing process over the summer.

UCAS Teacher Training

We have taken the decision to put the rolling UCAS Teacher Training and DfE Apply for Teacher Training decision-making deadlines on hold for four weeks from 20 March. This will mean all RBDs and DBDs will be paused until 20 April at the earliest, preventing offers from being automatically declined, or applications being automatically rejected.

Updated on 17 March 2020

Impact on UCAS events  

We have taken the decision to postpone  all UCAS higher education exhibitions until 31 July.

The UCAS Media employer breakfast event on Monday 23 March has also been postponed.  

The Admissions Conference on 27-28 April and the International Teachers’ and Advisers’ Conference on 4-5 June have been cancelled.

These decisions have been made to protect the health and wellbeing of those attending, and we are currently working to notify all those affected. 

Impact on international qualifications   

We’re aware of changes to arrangements due to COVID-19 for a number of English language tests: 

Assessment arrangements and availability of results for international qualifications may also be subject to change.

More information can be found on the websites of the international awarding bodies below:

As stated in the Admissions Guide, applicants have until 31 August to meet the academic conditions of their offers. Therefore, possible delays to publication of exam results until then should not impact their places being confirmed. If necessary, we’ll consider extending this date, in consultation with providers. 

UCAS remains committed to supporting our colleagues across higher education

We’ve launched a new engagement package for higher education providers, to support the sector with recruitment. The package will help you build and establish connections, and will complement the outreach and marketing you’re already doing.

Find out more about the engagement package.

We’ll continue to update information on, including: 

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