Here are details of our advisory groups and regional forums, which support the smooth running of core UCAS services.

Learn more about how our engagement activities are used to inform the development of UCAS’ products and services – How groups and forums inform developments (260.32 KB).

Specialist groups

International Advisory Group

Advises and guides UCAS' strategic international development.

Chair: Vincenzo Raimo, University of Reading,

Next meeting: 5 June 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University

Secondary Education Advisory Group

Represents the pre-HE sector, focusing on the impact of current and future products, systems and services on the schools' sector. 

Chair: Beth Linklater, Queen Marys College,  

Next meeting: 21 June 2018, UCAS

College HE Advisory Group

Represents colleges delivering higher education, with a particular focus on the impact of current, and potential, future UCAS products, systems and services on the sector. 

Chair: Paul Featonby, Hartpury College,

Next meeting: 28 June 2018, Coventry College

Qualifications Advisory Group

Provides strategic and expert advice to UCAS on qualifications, student progression, and the UCAS Tariff.

Chair: Ian Sutherland, University of Edinburgh, 

Next meeting: 9 October 2018, UCAS

Technology Group

Represents university and college interests in technical aspects of UCAS admissions products, systems and services. The Group ensures any changes are communicated to providers, and their third party software suppliers.

Chair: Peter Service, Newcastle University,

Next meeting: 26 June 2018, University College Birmingham

Data Group

Provides a forum for UCAS and higher education providers to discuss strategic and cross-cutting operational issues related to data.

Chair: Daniel Farrell, University of St Andrews, 

Next meeting: 25 June 2018, UCAS

HE Marketing Services Advisory Group

Works in partnership with UCAS Media to improve and extend its products and services, advise and make recommendations, and represent the views of the sector and UCAS’ marketing services customers.

Chair: Emma Leech, Loughborough University,

Next meeting: 7 June 2018, venue TBC

Scheme groups

Undergraduate Advisory Group

Represents UCAS Undergraduate scheme members — consults with the sector and makes recommendations to UCAS on proposed changes to UCAS Undergraduate products and services.

 Chair: Kim Eccleston, University of Warwick,  

Next meeting: 6 June 2018, UCAS

Postgraduate Advisory Group

Represents postgraduate providers — consults with the sector and makes recommendations to UCAS on proposed changes to UCAS Postgraduate products and services.

Chair: Michelle Magee, University of Westminster,

Next meeting: 20 June 2018, University of Westminster

UCAS Conservatoires Advisory Group

Represents UCAS Conservatoire members — consults with the sector and makes recommendations to UCAS on proposed changes to UCAS Conservatoires products and services. 

Chair: Gerry Godley, Leeds College of Music, 

Next meeting: TBC

UCAS Teacher Training Advisory Group

Represents UCAS Teacher Training providers — consults with the sector and makes recommendations to UCAS on proposed changes to UCAS Teacher Training products and services.

Chair: Lisa Bowen, Cardiff Metropolitan University,

Next meeting: 19 June 2018, UCAS

UCAS Progress Advisory Group

Represents UCAS Progress customers — consults with the sector and makes recommendations to UCAS on proposed changes to UCAS Progress products and services.

Chair: David Brack, UCAS,

Next meeting: TBC

UCAS Conservatoires User Group

Working at an operational and detailed level, this Group considers the specific requirements, design and development of the UCAS Conservatoires scheme.

Chair: Suzanne Daly, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,

Next meeting: 12 June 2018, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Change Steering Group

Provides a forum for ARC APG and representatives of the UCAS customer base to help shape change UCAS' products and services.

Next meeting: TBC

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