The only source of online, unrounded, applications and decisions data – updated weekly. Benchmark and analyse your current cycle applications against the sector, competitors and the previous two application cycles.

Access weekly updates across your application and decision-making activities

Benchmark your applications against a basket of six aggregated competitors and the sector at subject group and subject line levels. 

Understand your offer activity to course level and reveal the current admissions picture – compare to the previous two cycles to forecast the shape of future admissions activities. 

Application and Decision Tracker is accessed via your dashboard on and is available to all UCAS higher education providers.

Monitor this cycle’s applications and plan for next year

Inform your decisions with data

  • Understand your competitors’ position more clearly with decisions flowcharts
  • Understand who's applying to you – build an accurate demographic and geographic profile of your applicants by course, apply centre, postcode and WP criteria
  • Compare your market share at subject level against your basket of top six aggregated competitors

Track decisions and in-cycle changes

  • Explore a wide range of downloadable reports for both applications and decisions
  • View your decision progress at overall provider level down to individual course, including where firm vs insurance decisions are changing
  • Interrogate your applicants by fees status and country
Give relevant colleagues access to view Application and Decision Tracker
so they have a clear and current understanding of your position.

Your gateway to applicant decisions


Application and Decision Tracker has two levels – the first is free to all UCAS providers. 

Standard level


  • A high-level view of your own applicants and applications over a three-year period – benchmark your overall performance against the sector. 
  • Free as part of your capitation fee.


Enhanced level 

Includes the standard level, plus:

  • Reports to help determine who your competitors are at institution, subject group and subject line level, with the aggregated basket changing for each.
  • A wealth of web-delivered data featuring easy to understand graphs on the shape of the cycle
  • Understand your share of the market at subject group and line
  • A large number of specific reports to download, so you can swiftly blend the data into your existing systems 
  • Benchmark week-on-week against your baskets of competitors and the sector
  • Group your courses into their relevant faculty or area of interest to easily understand performance
  • Available as an annual subscription for £4,950 +VAT, for those with less than 500 applications the price reduces to £2,750 + VAT   

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