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In web-link, we split the applicant-related functionality from other functionality.
We're working with providers' web-link administrators to make some security updates to web-link. If you're having trouble signing in, please contact your web-link administrator.

Use applicant data to:

  • view and manage applications
  • complete Record of Prior Acceptance or Overseas Partnership Forms
  • view and maintain offer abbreviations

Use institution data to:

  • maintain your provider details, postgraduate courses, or Welsh teacher training programmes
  • manage web-link user accounts
  • access Application/Decision Tracker

If you are an English UCAS Teacher Training provider, please use the DfE’s Publish service to:

  • manage teacher training programmes in England
  • add new teacher training programmes in England

Access Publish

For application management, please continue to use web-link.

web-link guides

Changing your web-link administrator 

A web-link administrator is an individual designated by a course provider, with responsibility for setting up and maintaining its web-link user accounts. Your UCAS correspondent, or existing administrator,  can complete our web-link administrator form to add an administrator, or transfer responsibility to another member of staff. 

If you are a UCAS Undergraduate or UCAS Conservatoires provider,  you can also add a second web-link administrator by completing the form.