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Study in Exeter

Exeter's large student population adds a diverse and buzzy vibe to the city's sleepier side. You'll find alternative live music, fun festivals, and miles of glorious beaches on your doorstep.

The Romans

Founded by the Roman army in AD 50, Exeter was formerly known as Isca.

City life – third year University of Exeter student

If you enjoy being outdoors and you want to live somewhere that's a refreshing change from the rest of the country, then this is the place to be.

The Coast

In less than 20 minutes, you can be licking ice cream on sandy beaches.


Nightlife – second year student at University of Exeter

Monkeysuit and Urban Underground offer excellent cocktails, and the Old Firehouse is a beautiful pub that does the best pizza in town.

Exeter Quay

As could be expected, the Quayside offers a number of boat-based aquatic activities such as kayaking and canoeing, as well a climbing centre, and a number of pubs and shops. 

Student life in Exeter

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Spend an afternoon at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (free entry).
Friday feeling
Vegan food and live indie music at Thom Yorke's The Cavern.
When family visit
Visit Exeter's 900-year-old beautiful medieval cathederal.
Feeling cultural
The annual food festival at Powderham Park makes the foodies come flocking.
Grab a bite
Indulge in a Devonshire cream tea at The Welcome Cafe.
Sunday chilling
Spend some time at the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary, which is free to visitors.

Exeter Cathedral 

Architecturally beautiful and rich in history, Exeter Cathedral is also home to some curiosities of antiquity – including a working astronomical clock, and the UK's oldest complete set of misericords. 


Nightlife – third year student at the University of Exeter

There are essentially two main clubs -–Timepiece, and Arena. Aside from that there is the Cavern, and the odd night at Cellar Door and Monday Mosaic. There is also the SU – The Lemmy – which is quite like a school disco, but fun.

Dartmoor National Park 

Just half an hour out of Exeter lies Dartmoor. Take a hike through one of the UK's favourite national parks, home to the iconic Dartmoor Ponies.

City life – second year student at the University of Exeter

There is a housing fair in January after you come back from Christmas break, you are encouraged in emails from the Student Guild to wait until then to look for accommodation.

The Exeter Book

Also known as the Codex Exoniensis, the Exeter Book is the largest extant collection of Old English literature, and is housed in Exeter Cathedral.

City life – third year student at the University of Exeter

We looked via the universities website, which includes private landlords as well as looking at estate agents,which we eventually got our house from. There's options for bills included or not, and at a range of prices. Generally around £300-£400 a month depending on bills and room sizes.

Underground passages

Go spelunking in Exeter's hidden, medieval, subterranean city – the only known underground passages of their kind in the UK. 

Living in Exeter

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Where you'll find students*
  • Union Road
  • Victoria Street
  • Howell Road
Local transport*
  • £14.50
  • Megarider
  • (bus)
*Average mean rents via (Feb 2017). Value for money via Which? University Survey 2016. Local transport via local operators' website.

Student money tips

Campus is located a 15 minute walk away from the supermarket, and the university also provides a free bus service there. 

The cost of living as a student soon adds up, us our budget calculator to find out roughly how much you'll need each month.

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