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Study in London

Spend your student years in one the world’s most cosmopolitan and fashionable cities, where the word ‘boredom’ doesn’t exist.

Big Ben

Smarty pants will know that 'Big Ben' is actually a nickname for the bell inside the tower, not the tower itself.

Nightlife – University College London graduate

'The choices you have - from where to eat to what kind of music venue to go to - London has everything. It's like several cities put together.'

The Tube

The Underground is the most convenient way to get about, with some lines now running throughout the night. 

City life – first year student at Queen Mary, University of London, 2016

'You're in London - there's some of the best clubs in the world, and regardless of what music you're into there's one for you. Almost every band has gigs here. There are so many venues, from Alexandra Palace to the Roundhouse.'

Piccadilly Circus

The iconic ad boards light up the West End – a hub of theatres, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Student life in London

Local gems, tips and things to do, as recommended by students:
Treat yourself
Westfield Stratford has pretty much every shop. Avoid the weekends.
Low on cash
Free comedy in Angel every Sat night
Catch up with mates
So many stylish cafes. Popular chains include Timberyard and Grind.
Feeling cultural
The Wellcome Collection host free Friday Late Spectaculars – perfect for a date
Grab a bite
Food markets like KERB Camden, Street Feast Dalston, and Borough Market
When family visit
Take a stroll around one of London's parks – there are over 3,000 for you to choose from

Trafalgar Square

Spend a day visiting the many galleries, museums and historic buildings surrounding this square (Instagram: @thepaulellett).

City life – second year student at King's College London, 2016

'You have every type of club, bar, or restaurant you want. Easy transport with 24-hour buses everywhere. London is a bit expensive but you can get some really interesting clubs and bars.'

London Bridge

Grab a bite by the South Bank, a short walk down from this iconic landmark (Instagram: @thepaulellett).

Second year student at Royal Holloway, University of London, 2018

'We started looking in November as we realised a lot of other people were looking. The university didn't officially tell us to start looking for accommodation until January. We took roughly two weeks from starting to look to signing the contacts.'

Regents Park

One of the most popular open spaces in London, and home to some great open theatre too (Instagram: @thepaulellett).

Second year student at Imperial College London, 2018

'Last year we looked around March/April to get an idea of what we were looking for. We started properly looking mid-June and signed a contract in July. The market is so competitive in London.'

Hampstead Heath

The perfect spot for a long walk and view of the city (Instagram: @thepaulellett).

Living in London

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Average weekly rents*
  • Private landlord
  • £110 - £255
  • Pricey
Housing value for money*
  • Poor deal
Local transport*
  • £28.80
  • 7 Day Zones 1-3 Travelcard
  • (Bus and tube)
Where you'll find students*
  • Brixton
  • Shoreditch
  • Camden

*Average mean rents via (Feb 2017). Value for money via Which? University Survey 2016. Local transport via local operators' website.

Student money tips

So many free museums and exhibitions!

The cost of living as a student soon adds up, us our budget calculator to find out roughly how much you'll need each month.

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