Study in Aberystwyth

A closeknit seaside community on Wales’ west coast, Aberystwyth is perfect for those who enjoy exploring and the simple things in life.

Aberystwyth is by the sea, and has the best sunsets from the beach. Autumn and spring are beautiful in the town and surrounding Welsh countryside, but winter [is] a special treat too! Watch the starlings as they congregate above the pier and dance in the sky at sundown. The area is great for walking, and you can get everywhere in town on foot. But the hill up to the campus is a toughie! You'll get fit living here. (Aberystwyth University student)

What Aberystwyth's famous for...


A learning hub

Aberystwyth is home to both the oldest university and the largest arts centre in the country, as well as The National Library.

Aberystwyth nightlife, according to students

The bars and pubs are all spread over town, but you can walk to all of them easily. Pier is a more typical nightclub you might find in a city. If you join a society or sports club, then socials will generally be a bit of a pub/bar crawl for the first part of the night and then end in one of the two. Being such a small town, everyone knows each other, making nights out even more fun and social. (Second year student, Aberystwyth University)

A safe place

During World War 2, Aberystwyth was considered a safe place to hide various valuable items, including the crown jewels and original Shakespeare works.

Aberystwyth camera obscura

Aberystwyth nightlife, according to students

'The most pubs and clubs in a square mile outside of London.' That might be folklore, but it certainly feels true. There are approximately 30 pubs in town, and quite a few nightclubs too. Whilst it's not quite a city, it's certainly safe, and has pubs for every type of person. Academy is a chilled out student pub built in an old church. The Cambrian is a locals' pub which welcomes students and serves a biblical roast on Sundays. The list goes on. (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)

Where a rocketman took off

You might spot actor Taron Egerton – star of Rocketman and Kingsman – around town. Having grown up here, he's still known to visit, calling Aberystwyth the ‘centre of [his] universe’.

Taron Egerton

Student life in Aberystwyth

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
The Ceredigion Museum is free. Constitution Hill provides excellent views. If you have a car, there are loads of other towns and attractions nearby. (Second year student, Aberystwyth University)
Treat yourself
There is a lush cocktail bar, Y Banera. It has something to do with a donkey and a bathtub... They do a lovely White Russian. (Aberystwyth University student)
Friday night out
Harleys, and then go to the club at the pier. Just before entering, you can go to the food corner, and get some nice chips or pizza to share. (Second year student, Aberystwyth University)
Sunday chilling
Countless inspiring viewing spots all over Aberystwyth: Constitution Hill, Penglais Woods, Pen Dinas, along the beach or river, or in the park. There are many cycling, skating, and running routes. (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)
When family visit
The castle ruins, to learn a bit more about the history of Aber. In the summer, there is the Vale of Rheidol railway – an old train to Devil's Bridge waterfalls. The Glengower is a great place for food. (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)
Feeling cultural
Aberystwyth Arts Centre has a range of exhibitions, theatre shows, and a cinema. There is also the Commodore cinema in town, while nearby Borth has a cinema complete with organ! (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)
Catch up with mates
Sophie's is the most popular café with students, especially for cooked breakfasts. It also offers the best chocolate brownies, and exquisite hot chocolate!!! Just make sure to get in early as the place is small, and often packed! (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)
Grab a bite
There are many veggie and vegan places, including Dragonfly which have yummy Buddha Bowls, to-go. There are many fish and chip shops, being by the sea, but my favourite restaurant has to be Mama Faya, a scrummy Caribbean restaurant. (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)

Aberystwyth in pictures

Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill has some of the best views. (Gabriella, second year student at Aberystwyth University)

Living in Aberystwyth, according to students

I live near South Beach looking over the sea. In first year I also lived in town. I have loved living in both these places, as opposed to halls on campus, as you are always so close to the sea, pubs, supermarkets, and the train station. I'm never really further than a ten-minute walk away from where I need to be. However it does mean the university is a 25-minute walk uphill from town, but at least it wakes you up for the day! Nowhere is really far from anywhere in 'Aber'. (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)

The Old College

The Old College, aka our 'Hogwarts', has a fantastic library, and huge Christmas tree in winter. (Aberystwyth University student) 

Living in Aberystwyth, according to students

Llanbadarn Fawr – it was one of the last houses available. I like that it’s small, and away from the loud and busy town. However it is on an extremely steep hill. [Though] it is only a short walk from campus. (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)

Pier at sunset

Looking out to sea at that time of day can put things into perspective when you think about how big the sea is, and how small you are. I don't think you really were an Aber student if you didn't watch the sunset on the seafront at least once. (Rosie, third year student at Aberystwyth University)

Aberystwyth Castle

The old castle. A great place to sit and watch for dolphins! (Ciara, Aberystwyth University student)

Living in Aberystwyth

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.
Where you'll find students
  • Llanbadarn Fawr
  • Town centre
Local transport
  • Mytravelpass discounted scheme funded by Welsh Government
  • 6–21 year-old residents in Wales can save 1/3 on bus fares

Student money tips

Aber Food Surplus helps redistribute food which is going to be thrown out of supermarkets (but is still in date and good to eat). The uni and Aber Food Surplus have worked together to create a community fridge in town. There is always a free, impressive date night. Aber has the most amazing sunsets, and beautiful starling murmurations! (Third year student, Aberystwyth University)

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