Study in Bangor

Bangor is one of the oldest Cathedral cities in Wales – recognised for its picturesque views of mountainous landscapes, which can be seen all over town.

Bangor is a fantastic and vibrant seaside city. The juxtaposition of the sea and mountains has a striking landscape that doesn’t fail to provide activities – ranging from hiking Snowdon, sailing in the Menai strait, swimming in waterfalls and walking nature trails. (Third year student, Bangor University)

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Bangor is famous for...

Incredible coastlines

Nestled into the north-west coast of Wales, Bangor overlooks the Menai strait and the Isle of Anglesey beyond.

Bangor nightlife, according to students

Bangor has an exciting and safe nightlife. The student nightclub Academi is approachable and accessible, with very reasonable entry prices. Other options include the multitude of bars along Bangor’s high street that offer excellent services at affordable prices. (Third year student, Bangor University)

Friendly town centre

Bangor is a small city with a large student population. It's a friendly, social place where everything's in walking distance and there are lots of lively pubs and activities.

Bangor nightlife, according to students

The Bangor University official Student Night Club is a great option for themed events, great music, after parties for societies and an affordable selection of cocktails and drinks. (Student, Bangor University)

Snowdonia National Park

You won't be short of outdoor activities close by to Bangor – from trekking up Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon, to Zip World Fforest and hundreds of lakes and peaks.

Student life in Bangor

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Treat yourself
Wood Fired Shack for pizza and then shopping on the high street for new trainers and video games. Blue Sky is definitely the place to visit if you want to treat yourself to some fairtrade coffee and locally sourced, organic and vegan food. (Student, Bangor University)
Friday feeling
Menai Pub has Karaoke on Fridays, so that is a must if you love singing. Academi and Trilogy night club are also great options for Friday night if you just want to party and rave to music from live DJs. (Third year student, Bangor University)
Sunday chilling
On the campuses of Ffriddoedd and St Mary Village there are outdoor grilling areas for picnics and open spaces to just hangout and chill with friends, or indulge in an outdoor sport of frisbee. (Student, Bangor University)
When family visit
If you want to take your family around Bangor, then the places to visit are the historic cathedrals around Bangor and the mysterious stone circle which is walking distance from Bangor Pier. (Student, Bangor University)
Grab a bite
The Domu coffee house is the ideal place to catch up and even make new friends, as the owners are as hospitable as it gets – not to mention they make a lovely coffee brew, along with home made cakes and vegan and vegetarian lunches. (Student, Bangor University)
Low on cash
Taking advantage of the excellent charity shops in Bangor, Upper Annie’s is a particularly good spot, as you find students moving out donate a lot of their items leading to some really good finds. (Third year student, Bangor University)
Feeling cultural
If you are feeling cultural, then a tour of the Penrhyn Castle will be a great experience as you will be able to explore within the castle walls, along with the castle grounds which include cafes, picnic areas and a garden. (Student, Bangor University)
Catch up with mates
Blue Sky Café is a standout café located on Bangor High Street that is popular amongst my friends. (Third year student, Bangor University)

Bangor in pictures

Garth Pier

The view from Garth Pier, Bangor, as the sun sets behind the cliffs of Anglesey. I had just finished my last class of the semester and walked to the pier to see its beauty before returning home for winter. (Tina Bhadresa, third year student at Bangor University)


Whenever I look at this photo, I think back to the challenge I faced climbing this mountain and the excitement that I experienced when I reached the peak. (Sherese Leander, student at Bangor University)

Living in Bangor, according to students

One of the greatest benefits of living in Bangor is that everything from the university to supermarkets, to cafes and even clubs are all within walking distance to wherever you decide to live. (Student, Bangor University)

South Stack Lighthouse

The hidden gem that is South Stack Lighthouse. (Sherese Leander, student at Bangor University)

Living in Bangor

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Bangor.
Where you'll find students
  • Ffriddoedd Village
  • St Mary Village
  • Lower Bangor
Local transport
  • Weekly ticket: £14
  • Arriva Bus

Living in Bangor, according to students

I enjoy the busy life found on the High Street, but not too loud. I like the calm, kind people and the shops and supermarkets around me. There are many small independent stores to visit too, as well as your regular high street stores. As the pubs and bars are on the same road, you can start at one end and jump to each one within seconds, each with its own ambience. (Third year student, Bangor University)

Student money tips

My general go-to hack for saving money during a night out is to pre-game with friends in your flat with snacks and drinks brought from a low-cost supermarket provider. Especially since drinks will account for the majority of the money you spend on a night out. (Student, Bangor University)

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