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Bath's beautiful Georgian architecture has earnt it UNESCO status – so how do you add student-pleasing nightclubs to such a beautiful city? Build them underground of course!

Bath is one of those places you never get over how beautiful it is. Although it is small, you can always find a new walkway or corner of town, and it's never short of cafes to meet up with friends, or study in. (Third year student, University of Bath)

What Bath's famous for...

Roman baths

The hot springs heat the city's alfresco pools to a balmy 38°C – perfect for public bathing.

Bath nightlife, according to students

Because Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site, noise pollution rules mean most of our clubs and bars are small underground set-ups. This means they are always packed and lively. Bristol is just a short train ride to experience some of the biggest clubs in the country. (Third year student, University of Bath)

Pride and Prejudice

Bath was Jane Austen's home and inspiration for many of her novels.

Bath nightlife, according to students

Many of the pubs and bars have a unique charm to them, such as the Roman-themed drinks at Bath Brew House. The city feels very safe and some students cycle home from nights out where it's a relatively flat ride. (University of Bath student)

Bath rugby

Bath's own premiership rugby team. If you're into sport, get yourself a ticket for a home game at The Rec.

Student life in Bath

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Treat yourself
The Thermae Bath Spa [was] one of my favourite things I did in my first year. They have a student discount, but it’s still on the pricey side. (University of Bath student)
Low on cash
As a student resident, you can pick up a Discovery card, which gives you free entry [to] many of the main Bath attractions, such as the Roman Baths. (Third year student, University of Bath)
Sunday chilling
The Bath Skyline walk is a National Trust route. The Royal Crescent has a nice green area in front of it, making it a popular spot for hanging out. (Second year student, University of Bath)
When family visit
Bath is a tourist spot [with] a variety of attractions, like the Roman Baths, Holbourne Museum, Sham Castle, Jane Austen Centre, and the Royal Cresent. (Second year student, University of Bath)
Feeling cultural
The Little Theatre company is an independent cinema, with cosy screens. (Third year student, University of Bath)
Catch up with mates
Boston Tea Party for white hot chocolate and comfy sofas. The Bath Brew House or The Boater have great beer gardens. (Third year student, University of Bath)
Friday night out
Definitely Second Bridge. A lot of people go there on Fridays. It’s kind of big compared to the rest of clubs in Bath, and it has a nice, big terrace. (University of Bath student)
Grab a bite
Chai Walla – the best Indian street food. The onion bhaji wraps and the falafel wraps are amazing. When he asks if you want all the toppings, trust me and say, 'yes'. (Second year student, University of Bath)

Bath in pictures

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey (Lara Robinson, University of Bath student)

Living in Bath, according to students

I loved living in Camden as it was on a hill, and we had the most gorgeous view of the whole of Bath! It was also located just by a park and only seconds away from the Royal Crescent. Being in the city centre, we were so close to everything. (University of Bath student)

Bath's phone boxes

Bath has various reutilised phone boxes, including ones for first aid, and these 'flower (phone) boxes'. (Helena Jess Dipple, University of Bath student)

Pulteney Bridge

You can’t visit Bath without taking a view of the Pulteney Bridge, with the dramatic water below, [as] featured in the film, Les Miserables. (Eve Bellers, third year student at University of Bath)

Living in Bath, according to students

Oldfield Park – I love where I live. There’s a bus stop across from my house with a bus to the uni, or one into town roughly every ten minutes. There’s also a pub down the street and Tesco Express is a few minutes walk away. The shops in the centre of Oldfield are good. However, if you do want to walk into town, it’ll only take you around 20 minutes, and is quite a nice walk. (Second year student, University of Bath)

River Avon

My friend Nalani on our favourite walk in Bath. It goes along the River Avon and is absolutely beautiful. (Isobel Walker, Bath Spa University)

Living in Bath

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Where you'll find students
  • Oldfield Park
  • Bathwick Hill
  • Twerton
Local transport
  • £18.80
  • FirstWeek
  • Bus

Student money tips

Bath has a market every Saturday, which has loose fruit and veg so you can obviously only buy what you need to and not waste! It's quite an expensive place, but Oldfield Park is popular for students. It’s not too expensive, and really close to the city centre. (Second year student, University of Bath)

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