Study in Chester

A former Roman fortress, and one of the best preserved walled cities in the UK, studying in Chester is like stepping back through time.

Chester is a beautiful city, with a lot of green space and a rich historical heritage. Walking is probably the best way to get around in Chester, as you notice so many little details that often have history attached to them. It has plenty of cycle paths and so is very bike-friendly, and all the campuses are within cycling distance. Medieval pubs, cobbled streets, Roman ruins – what more could you want! (Third year student, University of Chester)

What Chester's famous for...

The Chester Rows

Browsing the shops is a unique experience here. These first floor covered walkways date back to the 13th century, and are an exclusive feature to Chester.

Chester nightlife, according to students

Chester was known as the 'eating quarter'. There is such a range of cuisines to try, from Chinese buffets to fancy tapas when the parents come to visit. For drinking, I would always recommend Watergate Street where there are lots of 'hole-in-the-wall' bars, from American speakeasy-style, to wine bars with a giant gnome inside! I think Chester caters to a lot of different tastes. (Third year student, University of Chester)

Roman remnants

Walk the preserved city walls, including a quick photo op at the Eastgate clock, with the centre behind you. Stop for a picnic at what was Britain's largest Roman amphitheatre.

Chester nightlife, according to students

The main club in town is Rosie's – three floors, each suited for different tastes in music. Throughout the year there are celebrity visits and themed nights. Rosie's has their famous Gender Blender nights, which are always fun! There are always police cars patrolling and looking out for students, especially in freshers' [week], and everything is in the city centre, so there are no back alleys to be scared of. A unique part of Chester is the hidden jazz bar, Prohibition – no signs, no windows, just a blacked-out door. Some of my favourites [bars] are The Church and Off The Wall. (Third year student, University of Chester)

Bond's origins

The birthplace of both James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, as well as the UK’s first Neighbourhood Watch scheme, we wouldn't want to start trouble round here.

Student life in Chester

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Grosvenor Park is nice to walk around when it's not too cold – there are lots of cute squirrels. Walking along the walls is a good way to see the whole city from high up. Chester Market has lots of cheap food outlets, from Thai to home-cooked meals. (University of Chester student)
Treat yourself
Cheshire Oaks is for treat days for sure! The shops range from designer to vintage. I would also stop off at Dolce [HauteDolci], a very upmarket dessert restaurant which has the most delicious sweet treats. (Third year student, University of Chester)
Friday night out
Alexander's Live offers live music in the evenings. Clubs like Rosie's are also popular. People tend to go out on Wednesday evenings in Chester, as lots of places offer special student deals on Wednesdays. (University of Chester student)
Sunday chilling
The River Dee is a nice place to chill out. You can either sit with an ice-cream, take a boat on to the river, or walk along it while taking in the pretty scenery. The meadows are lovely to walk through on sunny days. (University of Chester student)
When family visit
I always take my parents into Hoole – it has some lovely, quirky shops and excellent little coffee shops. When my brother visits, he loves a trip to the zoo. (Third year student, University of Chester)
Feeling cultural
The Storyhouse is a small independent cinema, library, and playhouse. In the summer, there is a small ring theatre open in Grosvenor Park that shows Shakespeare plays. The park also does open air film showings during summer evenings. (University of Chester student)
Catch up with mates
Chester is full of cute cafes. My favourite is Bean & Cole as it has such a good atmosphere and plenty of vegan food. [Chester is] also known for its pubs – many of them are medieval buildings. (Third year student, University of Chester)
Grab a bite
The best dessert place in Chester has to be Hanky Panky Pancakes – best known for their sweet and savoury pancakes, but also their alcoholic pancakes. I usually order some form of pancake with toffee and bananas. (Second year student, University of Chester)

Chester in pictures

Chester Zoo

A photo taken of a zebra at Chester Zoo. (Connor Hopewell, University of Chester student)

Living in Chester, according to students

The Garden Quarter is very close to the main campus, so most of the residents there are students themselves, and the price of accommodation is relatively low. It's great to have neighbours that are just the same as you who you can get to know, and it's great being so close to the campus (especially for early morning lectures). The Greyhound shopping centre is within walking distance, with Asda and Tesco for weekly shops, and just down Parkgate Road is the newly opened Aldi, which is great for those shopping with a budget. On Garden Lane, there are around three takeaways, a corner shop, two pubs, a laundromat, a medical centre, and a bunch of cafes, hairdressers, and local shops. The walk into the town centre only takes about 15 minutes. I lived here last year and this year, and plan to live here next year. (Second year student, University of Chester)

View from Eastgate Clock

A glimpse of Chester town – older looking buildings but with a modern twist. You can find a gem among the shops and restaurants, like fresh doughnuts under the bridge. You’ll never feel bored shopping or exploring. (Ravaidah Ali, third year student at University of Chester)

Queen's Park Bridge

Panoramic views of the river from the bridge. (Emilia, second year student at University of Chester)

Living in Chester, according to students

I live with my two friends in Newtown, which is a great place to live, with a tight-knit community. It's five minutes from the train and bus stations, 10 minutes from the town centre, and 10 minutes to the main campus. It's a perfect place, and I've felt nothing but welcome here. I would definitely choose to live here again, it's some of the cheapest rent in Chester. (Third year student, University of Chester)

Living in Chester

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Where you'll find students
  • The Garden Quarter
  • Newton
  • Hoole
Local transport
  • Weekly ticket: £14 approx.
  • Based on a Chester Dayrider ticket = £2
  • Bus

Student money tips

Pay for your entrance to Rosie’s on Skiddle. The Wetherspoons in town is cheaper than the one closer to the campus! (University of Chester student)

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