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Described as ‘sunshine in bricks and mortar’, compact Chichester is sandwiched between the golden beaches of West Wittering and the chalky hills of the South Downs.
It's small enough that you can get to most places by walking, and it doesn't take long to learn your way around. The local theatre has some great student discounts. There are lots of quirky little shops and cafes too. (Second year student, University of Chichester)

What Chichester's famous for...


Goodward hosts an eclectic mix of events – most famously horse racing, but also the ‘largest motoring garden party in the world’, and music festival Three Friday Nights.

Chichester nightlife, according to students

There are not really any clubs, but quite a few bars do live music where music students often play. The uni puts on events to make up for the lack of clubs. It's also really easy to get to other places which have clubs. (Second year student, University of Chichester)

Festival of Chichester

Chichester has a month-long summer arts festival, including a variety of music, plus theatre productions starring acclaimed actors.

Chichester nightlife, according to students

All the Chichester pubs are pretty easy to get around. Chichester is not known for its nightlife, but the Students' Union Zee Bar is brilliant on sports nights. Portsmouth is not too far away if you fancy getting the train for a night out, or you can get the bus to Sheiks nightclub in Bognor. The university has an unreal pub crawl in Bognor just before Easter break. (Third year student, University of Chichester)

Chichester Cathedral

Sitting compass-like with North, South, East and West Streets shooting from it, the Cathedral has a few features that set it apart from others – including a bell tower separate from the main building.

Student life in Chichester

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
There's the cathedral, Chichester Museum, lots of open spaces to have picnics, and West Wittering beach a bus ride away. (University of Chichester student)
Treat yourself
We have this really nice cocktail bar called The Rocking Horse, which has great cocktails. If you're looking for nice places to eat, we have Smith and Western, and Wildwood. (Third year student, University of Chichester)
Friday night out
Worth checking the Festival Theatre line-up for comedy, music, or live theatre, or heading to Portsmouth for the nightlife there. (Second year student, University of Chichester)
Sunday chilling
Chichester has plenty of areas to relax, with three parks and the Bishop's Gardens in the cathedral grounds. There is also the Goodwood area, which has a beautiful viewpoint. You can walk, run, or cycle pretty much anywhere around Chichester. (Third year student, University of Chichester)
When family visit
The cathedral is always a really nice place to take the family. It's in the centre, so you can walk through town and see everything going on, like the markets and parades – there is always something happening. (Third year student, University of Chichester)
Feeling cultural
Chichester Festival Theatre has a student scheme called Prologue, [where] 16 - 26 year olds can get £5 theatre tickets. (Second year student, University of Chichester)
Catch up with mates
Absolutely loads of cafes and tea shops, chains and independent. The Buttery is especially cute, and pretty budget-friendly. There are lots of pubs too – I like the George and Dragon Inn. (Second year student, University of Chichester)
Grab a bite
My favourite place would be the Shake-A-Delic dessert bar in town. I normally go for an extra large chocadelic milkshake, which consists of fudge brownie, a chocolate flake, and chocolate sauce. (Third year student, University of Chichester)

Chichester in pictures

Town centre at Christmas

This is the cross in the centre of town, decorated for Christmas. The cross is equidistant from Stockbridge and campus, and divides the town into a Roman cross. (Izzy, second year student at University of Chichester)

Living in Chichester, according to students

Town centre – I really like living in this area. It’s not too expensive, despite being really close to town and the university campus. There are a couple of small or express supermarkets nearby, plus a large Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, and Lidl about 25 minutes away by bus (and ten minutes by car) for my weekly food shop. There are plenty of nice local pubs too, like The Crown and The Duke and Rye, which have regular quiz nights if you want a quieter night out, as well as live sport coverage. Cafes are dotted around town if you want to get together with friends to study. (Third year student, University of Chichester)

West Sussex countryside

There are so many walks and villages to explore in the county.

Living in Chichester, according to students

Winterbourne Road – the area I’m in is very close to the uni, only about a 15-minute walk. Unfortunately, it’s pretty far away from any big shops. There’s a bus that takes us to ChiGate which is where the cinema, bowling, trampoline park, Nando’s, McDonald’s, and KFC are. The area I live in is quiet and the neighbours are considerate. Whilst the house and area are lovely, I’d only recommend living here if you don’t mind walking long distances to shops and town, or can drive. (Third year student, University of Chichester)

Bishop's Palace Garden

Have a wander around the gardens and arboretum.

Living in Chichester

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Where you'll find students
  • City centre
  • Whyke
  • Winterbourne Road
Local transport
  • Bus
  • Gold 7 Day MegaRider – £26

Student money tips

The best part about living in ‘Chi’ is that you can walk pretty much everywhere, which is great because it saves money when parking or taking the bus. Most car parks in Chichester are fairly cheap – about a pound an hour – but the easiest thing to do is walk. (Third year student, University of Chichester)

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