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A UNESCO City of Design, and simple to get around, Dundee is proof that great things come in small packages.

Dundee is small enough that mostly everything is within walking or biking distance, but it still has a decent-sized city centre with plenty of shops and the Overgate Shopping Centre. It's on the water, which I like both for the views and the climate, although it does get quite windy. The city is old enough to have plenty of history, but is making a huge effort to modernise, and is definitely an up-and-coming city with huge developments along the waterfront [like] the new V&A [Victoria and Albert Museum]. (Second year student, University of Dundee)

What Dundee's famous for...



The iconic comics The Beano and The Dandy were born here.

Dundee nightlife, according to students

Dundee has ‘secret’ bars, an independent brewery, and lots of live music venues. You can also find regular poetry, salsa, and quiz nights if you’re looking for something a bit different. (University of Dundee student)


From jewellery, to video games, as well as the only V&A Museum of Design outside London, Dundee might be the UK's hidden gem for design. 

Dundee V&A

Dundee nightlife, according to students

The clubs in Dundee are all very close together. [The] most popular is probably Aura. Next to Aura is Carbon, Duck Slattery's, and Club Tropicana, and Venga. There are great places for cocktails and live entertainment like Clarke's on Lindsay Street, Balcony karaoke bar, and Fat Sam's where concerts are held. There's often pub quizzes in places like The Nether Inn. (Second year student, Abertay University)


Paddington Bear’s favourite preserve was cooked up here by a resourceful merchant’s wife, who had an abundance of Seville oranges to use up.

Marmalade on toast

Student life in Dundee

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
There are free museums and exhibitions: Victoria & Albert Museum, McManus Gallery, Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA). The DCA also has a small retro cinema which offers £5 student tickets – they show new releases too! (Third year student, University of Dundee)
Treat yourself
Más is a Mexican tapas restaurant – very upscale, and very nice too. A great place for cocktails is Draffens, also known as ‘The Secret Bar’, a speakeasy-themed bar in the town centre. (Second year student, University of Dundee)
Friday night out
Friday night outs are always best spent at the [Dundee Students'] Union, but there are lots of bars nearby. Try out Tinsmiths (always full of students), or Molly Malones if you fancy some live Irish music. (Second year student, University of Dundee)
Sunday chilling
There are amazing views from Magdalen Green, right next to the River Tay. The Law will give you a 360-degree view of Dundee and the surrounding hills. (Second year student, University of Dundee)
When family visit
Go dolphin-spotting on a pirate boat, and visit Broughty Ferry Castle right next to the harbour afterwards. At Discovery Point, climb aboard RSS Discovery. (University of Dundee student)
Feeling cultural
Visit the current exhibition at the V&A, go to a film screening at DCA – followed by a Q&A with the director – [or see a] stand-up comedy/open mic night at Henry's Coffee House. (University of Dundee student)
Catch up with mates
The Braes is right beside Dundee University. It has great deals on during the week, as well as a wide range of board games. It’s perfect for a break from the library for lunch. (Third year student, Abertay University)
Grab a bite
Wee Mexico! Their BBQ jackfruit burrito is definitely worth checking out. They have tons of vegan and gluten-free options, and always offer student deals. (Third year student, Dundee University)

Dundee in pictures


The V&A

The V&A during sunset. (Ellie Brown, second year student at University of Dundee)

Living in Dundee, according to students

Stobswell – it's not an expensive area, and it's relatively quiet at night as long as you're not next to a pub or a main road. It's a short walk to the centre of town, and there are plenty of supermarkets nearby. It's far from Dundee Uni (30 to 45-minute walk), but at a good distance from Abertay (15-minute walk). The only thing that it's missing is trendy coffee places or restaurants, as it's a residential area. (Second year student, Abertay University)

The Law

The view from Law Hill. It shows the whole of Dundee, and makes me feel happy that it’s my home away from home. (Erin McCabe, third year student at University of Dundee)

Broughty Ferry Castle

Getting ready for dolphin-spotting in front of Broughty Ferry Castle. (University of Dundee student)

Living in Dundee, according to students

Blackness Road is close to campus and cheap to rent, but perhaps the Perth Road area has nicer flats and is a busier walk back. Blackness is quite far from the town centre and the big Tesco, but still walkable. I have chosen to move to Perth Road, as it is a nicer area, full of students, and close to the university. (Second year student, University of Dundee)

Street art

Comic character Wullie saying, 'Jings, crivvens, help ma boab!' – peak Dundee street art. (University of Dundee student)

Living in Dundee

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Dundee.
Where you'll find students
  • Stobswell
  • Perth Road
  • Blackness Road
Local transport
  • Weekly ticket: £10.80
  • Stagecoach Dundee 7 Day Student MegaRider
  • Bus

Student money tips

[You] can park near Perth Road for free: Blackness Road, Blackness Avenue, Annfield Road, Pedie Street... The lanes around Perth Road have free parking, but [it's] a nightmare to find a space. (Second year student, University of Dundee)

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