Study in High Wycombe

Amidst the Chiltern Hills, High Wycombe is that sweet spot between town and city, with market days, a shopping centre and pubs aplenty.
It is small enough for you to be able to walk around, with a bus station and train station if you need to travel further. Because it is situated at the bottom of a valley, with the university and town centre at the bottom, most housing is uphill from uni, and it can get quite steep in places. There are some beautiful open green spaces; on a warm day [they] are great to get out of the house and explore. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)

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What High Wycombe's famous for...

Furniture land

Did you know, High Wycombe was once ‘the furniture capital of England’? 

High Wycombe nightlife, according to students

There are many pubs in High Wycombe, but not really any clubs. However, there are places such as O'Neill’s which have live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Even if you don't drink, these places are also good to grab some food, along with lots of other restaurants. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)

Mayors ‘making weight’

We’re accustomed to boxing weigh-ins, but High Wycombe's merry tradition goes further. Every Mayor is weighed in public at the end of their term, to see if they’ve been indulging at taxpayers’ expense.

High Wycombe nightlife, according to students

Most students choose to go to the Students' Union, because it's free entry and a great night out (not to mention, because it's inside the university, you feel really safe). Aside from that, Yates and Butlers are always popular options, located just opposite each other, so it's easy to go from one to the other. Yates is a bit more upmarket and expensive than Butler's, but they [both] have student deals on food and drinks (especially in freshers' week). (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)

Student life in High Wycombe

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Walking round Hughenden Park or The Rye is always a lovely idea – both are beautiful open spaces. There are a few museums nearby as well. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)
Treat yourself
Mine and my boyfriend's favourite restaurant is Bluegrass BBQ. It's a little bit more pricey, so we usually save it for an occasion, but it's 100% worth it. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)
Friday night out
The Students' Union is normally the go-to, but there are some great modern bars around the town. Whether it's a drag night or a quiz night, O'Neill’s is definitely worth a visit at some point. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)
When family visit
The Works is a nice restaurant, but a little pricey on a student budget; so if your parents are paying, then indulge. The Works also has a Harry Potter themed escape room, which is fun for the whole family. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)
Feeling cultural
Wycombe Museum tells the story of Wycombe through ten key items integral to the area. 
Grab a bite
Treatz, if you have a sweet tooth. The waffles and warm cookie dough are both amazing. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)

Living in High Wycombe

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Living in High Wycombe, according to students

Kingsley Crescent – getting to uni is really easy. It’s only about a ten-minute walk. Me and my boyfriend rent out the downstairs floor of a house from a lovely family, so we have our own self contained flat, with our own separate entrance. The area is a really lovely quiet area as it's not the typical student area of town. They are all huge, modern family houses. It is however situated at the top of a hill, so walking into town is fine, but walking back isn't so fun. It's definitely worth it because the views of Wycombe, from the field just a minute walk away from our flat, are amazing. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)
Where you'll find students
  • Town centre
  • Hughenden Road
  • West Wycombe Road
Local transport
  • Monthly student ticket: £35
  • High Wycombe Town Saver Zone
  • Bus

Living in high Wycombe, according to students

Totteridge Road – it was cheap through the landlord, and there weren't huge issues with the house. The area was near the park and train station, and not far from the town centre. I live right near the bus stop so it was easy to get to the shops fast. (Third year student, Buckinghamshire New University)

Student money tips

Parking is best either at the Park and Ride or at Dovecot Car Park, as these are cheaper for a whole day compared to The Swan theatre, which is overpriced. There is a market which includes food and clothes stalls, and general items. (Second year student, Buckinghamshire New University)

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