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A former textile powerhouse, Huddersfield has been described as ‘the handsomest of all the factory towns in Yorkshire and Lancashire’.

Huddersfield is small enough to feel at home very quickly. The town centre is across the road from uni, so if you do some exploring in-between lectures, you'll know your way around in no time. There are all the chains you'd expect from a large town, but try some of the independent places – these will be the places you're proud to show off to visiting friends and relatives once you've settled in. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)

What Huddersfield's famous for...

Professor X

While he's travelled through space and time, the X-Men and Star Trek star Patrick Stewart grew up nearby. He also served as Huddersfield University’s Emeritus Chancellor.


Huddersfield nightlife, according to students

Having failed to complete many bar crawls around Huddersfield, I can assure you that there is no shortage of places to drink and get rowdy. The two Spoons are a safe bet to start most nights out. Be sure to end up in Camel Club – don't let the small size put you off, it has a house party vibe which is rare in nightclubs. Between those staples, honourable mentions go to Parish, Warehouse, Rat and Ratchet, and Magic Rock brewery. Most of these are independent to Huddersfield, and have become student rites of passage over the years. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)

Rugby history

The Rugby League began in Huddersfield’s George Hotel in 1895, when teams from the north of England split from the Rugby Football Union over a pay dispute.

Huddersfield nightlife, according to students

Lots of different places to eat and drink with a diverse range of cuisines to suit every budget. There's the little inside market too, which is amazing for local and independent ales & drinks. There isn't a lot of choice for clubs, but there are two which everybody loves and they put on loads of fancy dress events throughout the year. (University of Huddersfield student)

Student life in Huddersfield

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Greenhead Park has a massive memorial, fountains, tennis courts, and all sorts. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)
Treat yourself
Kingsgate has a few high-end shops, and there’s a nice Italian restaurant called Grapollos. A train to Leeds for a better shopping and eating experience is only a 20-minute train, and Manchester is less than 40 minutes. (Second year student, University of Huddersfield)
Friday night out
The popular clubs are always changing. Now it’s all about Camel, but if you’re not into big clubs, there’s plenty of pubs like Parish, which is a bit more of an indie/emo scene. There’s also places for cocktails and karaoke, like Maverick’s. (Second year student, University of Huddersfield)
Sunday chilling
Huddersfield is surrounded by countryside, and has lots of beautiful places to visit. (Second year student, University of Huddersfield)
When family visit
Beaumont is sometimes overlooked, but equally lovely. The ultimate viewpoint is Castle Hill. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)
Feeling cultural
When festival season hits Huddersfield, there are many events such as poetry readings and literary events. Huddersfield Town Hall has acts throughout the year, and comedy nights. (University of Huddersfield student)
Catch up with mates
Hudds has two dessert places which are amazing! (University of Huddersfield student)
Grab a bite
My fave place to grab a bite is Coffeevolution, which makes its own toasties and cakes. (University of Huddersfield student)

Huddersfield in pictures

Beaumont Park

This place is special to me because it's such an exciting and beautiful park. It's a bit fairytale-like and inspiring. (Ragnhild Berg Hilden, second year student at University of Huddersfield)


Living in Huddersfield, according to students

Newsome is the main student area in Huddersfield. It’s cheap, but close to town. The area is quiet, with lots of green space, and the supermarkets aren’t far. The area is very hilly though, so if doing a large shop, a lift or a taxi may be preferable. I would live here again. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)

Victoria Tower on Castle Hill

This was my first walk up Castle Hill after completing first year. Walking up and being able to look down over Huddersfield was very cathartic. The tower is visible from most points within Huddersfield – it's a nice constant. (Lucy, third year student at University of Huddersfield)


Living in Huddersfield, according to students

Moldgreen is pretty cheap, and our house is a real gem. The area is a bit rough, but we've not had any trouble. It's a short walk to uni (about a mile, 20 minutes tops) and the walk is downhill towards town, which is good in the morning. There's a Lidl on the way home from uni, which is great for grabbing extra bits without having to head to the big Sainsbury's. There's also a local One Stop, which is open really long hours. They do crazy reductions, so pop in at the end of the day to pick up cheap stuff. I'd happily live in Moldgreen again. The only real downside is that most student houses are in the opposite direction. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)

Living in Huddersfield

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Where you'll find students
  • Springwood
  • Newsome
  • Moldgreen
Local transport
  • Rolling First Group West Yorkshire Student (Month) ticket = £60
  • Bus

Student money tips

If you're looking to impress someone – be it parents, friends from back home, or a date – give Bar Maroc a try. They do handmade pizzas for under a tenner. There's a gig venue downstairs called Small Seeds, which is like an indoor forest, and has loads of local acts playing. (Third year student, University of Huddersfield)

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