Study in Leeds

Often referred to as 'the Knightsbridge of the North' for its shopping, Leeds' music scene has something for everyone.

Leeds is the answer if you’re looking for big city life, without London prices. You’ll notice the huge student community there, it dominates half of the city centre. Bars and clubs are the main source of entertainment [with] more clubs then you’ll ever go to, playing every genre you could possibly want. Techno and DnB are particularly popular. (Third year student, University of Leeds)

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What Leeds is famous for...

Leeds Festival

Home of the Kaiser Chiefs and Alt-J, Leeds hosts half of one of the UK's biggest music weekends. 

Leeds nightlife, according to students

Quite a few of the clubs are in a similar area. A couple of exceptions are Beaverworks, Freedom Mills, and the West Indian centre, but Ubers in Leeds are so cheap that if you split [it] between four or more of you, it's never more than a fiver each. (University of Leeds student)

Lord of the Rings

Many believe that Leeds' Shire-esque surroundings inspired Tolkien while he taught at Leeds Uni.

Leeds nightlife, according to students

Leeds nightlife is unlike any other city I've been to. I don't know anyone who's been to anywhere near all the clubs in Leeds. We have the famous Otley Run: a fancy dress pub crawl from Headingley to the city centre of around 18 pubs. Famous clubs/club nights include Fruity Fridays at Leeds University Union, Beaverworks for indoor and outdoor techno, drum & bass, jungle etc, and O2 academy for everything from Projekt to Indie Thursdays. There's also Call Lane for edgy bars. (Third year student, University of Leeds)

Jelly Tots

These much-loved sweeties were created completely by accident in Horsforth in the 1960s. 

Student life in Leeds

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Treat yourself
Leeds Trinity is probably one of the best shopping centres Yorkshire has got! There’s an array of restaurants and bars on the top floor, including The Alchemist. (Second year student, Leeds Beckett University)
Sunday chilling
York, Otley, and Roundhay Park have been very nice days out, especially Otley which has a lot of cafes. (Second year student, Leeds Beckett University)
When family visit
Hyde Park Picture House is the place to go for films. (Third year student, University of Leeds) 
Feeling cultural
Hyde Park Book Club also offers loads of independent art, music, and culture evenings. (Third year student, University of Leeds)
Grab a bite
Trinity Kitchen [food court] is unparalleled. It has affordable high quality street food from all different countries, and changes vendors every six weeks. (University of Leeds student)
Low on cash
When we’re short of money, we tend to go to Hyde Park (Woodhouse Moor) in the summer for tinnies on the green. (Third year student, University of Leeds)
Friday night out
Pryzm and Projekt are probably the most popular clubs, but everywhere is normally quite packed on weekends. (Second year student, Leeds Beckett University)
Catch up with mates
Belgrave Music Hall and its cosier counterpart, Headrow House, are two great places to listen to some chill music during the day. (University of Leeds student)

Leeds in pictures

Leeds Dock

Leeds Dock, near Liberty Dock accommodation where I stayed in first year. It's a really nice, peaceful area, and its really new and clean too. (Jake, second year student at University of Leeds)

Living in Leeds, according to students

Hyde Park and Headingley are the two popular student areas, because they are really close to the campus – about a ten – 20 minute walk, depending on where you are. Hyde Park is nothing spectacular. It's a typical back-to-back terraced area like any city centre housing, but it's really convenient and relatively safe – you've just got to have a bit of common sense. Headingly is a bit nicer. More of a large town vibe than a city vibe, and still really close. (Second year student, University of Leeds)

Millennium Square

This is Millennium Square at sunset. I love this picture as it was taken early on in first year, and it confirmed how I had made the right decision in coming to Leeds. It is a beautiful city. (Second year student, University of Leeds)

Queen's Hotel on Light Night

At the beginning of the academic year, the city puts on a festival where, for two nights, the entire city is lit up by art, created by dozens of artists from around the world. For a new student in the city, it's an excellent way to get out and explore, while getting to know new people. (Eva, second year student at University of Leeds)

Living in Leeds, according to students

I chose to live in Woodhouse because it’s known to be a bit safer than Hyde Park, but is still close enough that I’m not too far from other friends. It’s also only a ten-minute walk from campus, meaning I’ve saved a lot more money on travel this year. It’s a big student area meaning I have friends all around, and isn’t a far walk from plenty of cafes, pubs, and shops. (Second year student, University of Leeds)

The Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange [is] full of independent shops and businesses. (Abbie, second year student at University of Leeds)

Living in Leeds

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Leeds.

Where you'll find students
  • Hyde Park
  • Headingley
  • Woodhouse
Local transport
  • Student Rolling Month Ticket – £60
  • Bus

Student money tips

Shop [for[ fruit and veg at Kirkgate Market. It’s way cheaper, and it’s really close to supermarkets so you can get your other bits as well all in one trip. (Second year student, University of Leeds)

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