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Split into ancient Uphill and more contemporary Downhill – with an emphasis on the ‘hill’ bit – this small historical cathedral city has seen it all.
Lincoln is so full of history. It's stunning. The cathedral can be seen from almost every angle in the city, and it really adds something to those long days spent in the library. Being able to look out a window and see such a beautiful building is really uplifting, and gives Lincoln its charm. It definitely doesn't feel like a city, it's more like a large town – everything is very close together in the centre, which is not only convenient, but comforting for those of us from small towns who aren't familiar with bustling city life. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)

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What Lincoln's famous for...

Lincoln nightlife, according to students

Everything is so close in Lincoln, so a night out is just a walk away – no need to pay for expensive taxis, and it is safe enough to walk home with friends too. The biggest nightclub is Home, with four floors, each with different types of music. My personal favourite is Bierkeller which is totally different from any nightclub I'd been to before. Then there's The Scene, which is the LGBTQ+ nightclub – it stays open the latest, has the best DJs, and is super cheap. There are plenty of pubs, two Wetherspoons, and lots of smaller local ones. (University of Lincoln student)

Lincoln Cathedral

Once described as the ‘most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles’, the Gothic structure was the tallest building in the world for over 200 years. 

Lincoln nightlife, according to students

The Engine Shed hosts different live music and comedy events, but also student nights – particularly Quack! on Wednesdays which seem to be popular in first year. I prefer the clubs in the city centre, especially Home on Tuesday nights, and Bierkeller on Saturday nights. There are also some great bars and pubs in the city, such as The William Foster which has cheap student deals, but I also really like the Students' Union Towers bar and The Swan pub. (Second year student, University of Lincoln)

Student life in Lincoln

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
The Arboretum is a beautiful park complete with bandstand, ponds, and children's play area, and is completely free. The West Common is also a great spot to take a walk, and meet the very friendly horses who roam free there. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)
Treat yourself
Vice & Co. is a cocktail bar hidden behind the front of an old TV shop. It has great cocktails and a lovely atmosphere! (Second year student, University of Lincoln)
Friday night out
Moka holds a club night called Superbull [which] is usually on students’ Friday night agenda. Many grab a few drinks at some of the bars beforehand, such as Trebles, Red5, and Walkabout. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)
Sunday chilling
The Brayford Wharf has a great selection of bars and restaurants, where you can sit outside and admire the Brayford (which looks great in the sun or at night). Lincoln has plenty of hills to conquer, with rewarding views of the city. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)
When family visit
Visit the cathedral and castle, do the castle wall tour, or visit the Victorian prison. (University of Lincoln student)
Feeling cultural
The Collection Museum and Usher Gallery [are] both free and worth seeing. (Bishop Grosseteste University student)
Catch up with mates
Coffee Aroma is an amazing little cafe with chess boards, books, and a very homely feel to it – perfect for catching up with friends. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)
Grab a bite
Shanti Cafe is a completely vegan food place. The atmosphere is amazing, and the food is even better. I tend to go for the fajitas, and then their cake of the day for desert. They have so many options. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)

Lincoln in pictures

Old town

Lincoln old town is beautiful even in the rain. (Chloe Marshall, second year student at University of Lincoln)

Living in Lincoln, according to students

Sincil Bank – the houses are cheap, spacious, and well built. Tesco and Lidl are a ten-minute walk away each, Morrisons a 15-minute walk, as well as an international food store about five minutes away. The university and town centre is a ten to 15-minute walk, or a five-minute cycle. It's super flat and really easy to walk. The cathedral is in view, and the canal is lovely to walk along. There is on-street parking that [you don’t need a permit for] (yet). There's a small local pub, The Imp and Angel close by, and a few mainstream pubs too. The football stadium is on the street next door, which is great if you like football, but the streets can get pretty busy when there is a match on. (University of Lincoln student)

Lincoln from above

The best view in Lincoln, from the top of the castle walls. (Chloe Marshall, second year student at University of Lincoln)



The shops along this area are quirky and really cute. (Kay, second year student at University of Lincoln)

The Brayford River

Had the very unusual and rare experience to see otters swim along it once. I love the canal boats that sit along here. (Kay, second year student at University of Lincoln)

Living in Lincoln, according to students

West End – West Parade is known for being a great place for students to live, and is very popular for its relatively decent prices, safe environment, and community spirit. The West End is only a 20-minute walk away from the campus and city centre, but is far away enough that you don’t hear the hustle and bustle of the city. One downside is that the road is very tricky to navigate (it becomes one way), and parking spaces are very scarce. You need a permit to park there, otherwise the ticket inspectors (that operate morning and evening!) will fine you, with no exceptions. Overall, West Parade is a great place to live, and I would definitely choose to live here again. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)

Living in Lincoln

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Where you'll find students
  • Sincil Bank
  • West End
  • Uphill
Local transport
  • Weekly ticket: £15.20
  • Stagecoach Lincoln 7 Day Megarider
  • Bus

Student money tips

Every Sunday, there’s a quiz at The Swan, with free chips between rounds, and an excellent cocktail menu. (Third year student, University of Lincoln)

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