Study in London

Spend your student years in one the world’s most cosmopolitan and fashionable cities, where the word ‘boredom’ doesn’t exist.

It's very multicultural and dynamic. You won't be bored in London, and there is definitely something to suit everyone's taste. It's great if you want to feel part of a bigger community, and not just restricted to the university campus and student events. (University College London student)

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What London's famous for...

Big Ben

Smarty pants will know that 'Big Ben' is actually a nickname for the bell inside the tower, not the tower itself.

London nightlife, according to students

Nightlife is huge and everywhere in London. There are many fancy places in the west, [with] more hipster venues in the east. Literally every neighbourhood has lots of bars and clubs. There is always somewhere new to go, and you never have to go to the same place twice. (Second year student, Queen Mary, University of London)

The Tube

The Underground is the most convenient way to get about, with some lines now running throughout the night. 

London nightlife, according to students

London's nightlife is extremely diverse. You have many options and areas to go clubbing, and each area has its own distinct culture. This is one of the perks of living in London. Good spots for going out include Soho, Camden, Brixton, Shoreditch, and Elephant and Castle. Most clubs tend to have student nights during the week, which is when most students generally go clubbing. University bars in London are the best out there, and you will be allowed into other universities' student bars if you have a student ID with you! (Second year student, King's College, London)

Piccadilly Circus

The iconic ad boards light up the West End – a hub of theatres, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Student life in London

Local gems, tips and things to do, as recommended by students:
Treat yourself
Covent Garden has some extremely nice places. London is so diverse, anything you want, you can get. (Second year student, Queen Mary University of London)
Low on cash
Loads of free art galleries and museums across London. When the weather is nice, hang out in one of the parks [like] Hyde Park and Regent's Park. (Second year student, University College London)
Catch up with mates
Pubs are everywhere in London. You just won’t get a pint for less than £4. (Second year student, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Feeling cultural
The Wellcome Collection, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, V&A, Imperial War Museum... Most of the museums in London are amazing for this sort of thing. (Second year student, Imperial College London)
Grab a bite
I loved Borough Market, even though it was more expensive. There’s so much variety, and loads of vegan options, so I’d get something different every time. (Second year student, Goldsmiths, University of London)
When family visit
Show them around the tourist areas, like St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and The Shard. (Second year student, Middlesex University)
Friday night out
If you are a fan of cinema, definitely check out the BFI (British Film Institute), close to the London Eye. (London South Bank University student)
Sunday chilling
Greenwich Park has amazing views of the city, from the top of the hill. Kyoto Garden in Holland Park is incredibly peaceful, and photogenic during all seasons – especially spring. (Second year student, University of the Arts, London)

London in pictures

View from Tate Modern

View of East London from the top of the Tate Modern (Eve, Imperial College student)

Living in London, according to students

Camden – only a 15-minute walk to campus, [or] King's Cross Station to get home. Sainsburys, Lidl, and Aldi [are] in central Camden, with a Morrisons on the other side of Camden Market. For more natural and organic groceries, there is also a Whole Foods along the parkway. Everything you'll ever need is in walking distance. Only a 20-minute walk to Regent's Park. If you ever need to go further afield, there are tube stations at either end of the High Street, and four to five stations surrounding the main campus. (Third year student, University College London)

View from Waterloo Bridge

This is from my first year at university, when my flatmates and I decided to see the sunrise on Waterloo Bridge. It was incredible to share this experience with people I had just met. (Third year student, King's College London)

River Thames

A photo from a peaceful walk along the River Thames, watching the sun set over the city. (Isobel Chambers, second year student at University of the Arts, London)

Living in London, according to students

Notting Hill Gate – I really like living in this area, since it's close to two parks (Kensington Gardens and Holland Park). It's quite close to my university, and I can reach it daily by walking 30 minutes through the park, which is essential for my wellbeing. There are plenty of shops (M&S, Tescos, Waitrose) less than ten minutes from my home. There's a Farmer's Market every Saturday. It's close to the Central line [tube], and [a] 20-minute walk from Shepherd's Bush Westfield [shopping centre]. There are plenty of cute pubs and nice looking buildings [on] Portobello Road. (Third year student, Imperial College London)

Carnaby Street

The uniqueness of Carnaby Street at Christmas. Attracting large crowds, it's a source of absolute beauty. (Sophie MacDonald, University of Westminster)

Living in London

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in London.

Where you'll find students
  • Brixton
  • Shoreditch
  • Camden
Local transport
  • £38.70
  • 7 Day Zones 1-3 Travelcard
  • Bus and tube

Student money tips

The website Secret London compiles huge lists of free things to do. Tons of museums in London are free for students, like the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. You can save a lot of money by not taking public transport, and walking or cycling instead. (University College of London student)

The cost of living as a student soon adds up, us our budget calculator to find out roughly how much you'll need each month.

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