Study in Luton

With a history of making things, and London just 25 minutes away by train, many are sizing up multicultural Luton as the next big trendy area.

It's a vibrant city with a range of cultures, [as well as] students from all walks of life. The town is big, and the university is right in the middle of town centre and easy to get to. (Second year student, University of Bedfordshire)

Luton nightlife, according to students

There is one nightclub within the whole town, but there are pubs around which close after 1am. You don't really get the nightlife experience most students get, if you don't like [that] one nightclub. (Second year student, University of Bedfordshire)

What Luton's famous for...

Fly away

Many are familiar with Luton from heading off on their holidays. Its airport is the country’s fifth busiest, with flights to many student budget-friendly destinations.

Luton nightlife, according to students

Not really much nightlife in Luton. Most places close early, and that includes pubs, bars, and nightclubs. You are better off going to club in Watford or Hertfordshire. (University of Bedfordshire student)

Bruce Springsteen

Set in 1970s Luton, Blinded By The Light was one of the year's feelgood films, telling the true story of one teenager's Springsteen obsession.

Living in Luton, according to students

Opposite campus/library – it is cheaper than the official university student halls. It’s a two-minute walk from the university campus and one-minute walk from the university library. It is also close to the town centre and shopping mall, as well as the train station, so everything is pretty much walking distance (unless you are trying to go to Asda, which is not in the town centre). (University of Bedfordshire student)


Notting Hill gets all the attention, but Luton hosts the UK’s largest one-day carnival every May. It’s a day full of music and dancing in the streets, to celebrate the city's vibrant multiculturalism.

Student life in Luton

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
See what’s on at Storefront, a commercial space that has been transformed into a gallery for local artists and students to exhibit their work.
Treat yourself
St Alban's is only a couple stops on the train, where you've got more upmarket restaurants and shops. (University of Bedfordshire student)
Friday night out
If you don’t fancy going ‘out out’, The Galaxy complex has a cinema and ten-pin bowling, plus a pub and restaurants, all in one place. Check for student deals!
Sunday chilling
Warden Park is really pretty and spacious if you want to take a walk, although it is a bit of a walk from the main town centre and university. (University of Bedfordshire student)
When family visit
Luton Library Theatre in the town centre hosts a lot of theatre shows, plays, poetry readings, and talks. (Second year student, University of Bedfordshire)
Feeling cultural
Wardown Park Museum is also very interesting, and has been a part of Luton history for a long time. (Second year student, University of Bedfordshire)
Catch up with mates
Lots of good Asian restaurants in the town centre. (University of Bedfordshire student)
Grab a bite
Wamimichi Noodle Bar has exceptional ramen. Sam’s Chicken does the best chicken wings in town. (Second year student, University of Bedfordshire)

Living in Luton, according to students

New Town is a really nice area of Luton, which is pretty rare. It's only a short distance from the university, gym, and town centre. There are a few corner shops nearby, as well as a large Asian supermarket and plenty of parks. It's only a 15-minute walk to Sainsbury’s and Lidl. The only downsides are that there aren't any student-friendly pubs nearby, and that New Town was built on a hill so getting back from uni everyday is a hassle. (Second year student, University of Bedfordshire)

Living in Luton

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Luton.

Where you'll find students
  • City centre
  • Farley Hill
  • New Town
Local transport
  • Weekly ticket: £14
  • Student Weekly ticket
  • Bus

Student money tips

If you are travelling to London, try using the Greenline coach. It costs £8 during the week with your student ID card. (University of Bedfordshire student)

The cost of living as a student soon adds up, us our budget calculator to find out roughly how much you'll need each month.

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