Study in Norwich

A bustling, historical city, with the coast and countryside only a stone's throw away, laid-back Norwich offers the best of both worlds.

Norwich feels quite medieval in places, with old-fashioned architecture, much like Cambridge. It has a large market place in the centre of town – a good place to get supplies for university projects and food. The walks in and around Norwich can be very pleasant, such as Marriott's Way, a long walkway that runs out of Norwich, and the Riverside Walk. It's hilly, so difficult to cycle about sometimes. (Third year student, University of East Anglia)

What Norwich's famous for...

The Broads

Norfolk's man-made Broads offer 125 miles of lock-free waterways to float your boat down.

Norwich nightlife, according to students

There is a good mix between locals and students, and between both universities. There's a lot of brilliant small venues that host events, such as Birdcage, Open, Gonzo's Two Room, and Bermuda Bobs. These are great if you are into electronic or disco [music]. Norwich is known for having more pubs than days of the year. There are hundreds of student spots, and also places for a nice local ale. (Third year student, University of East Anglia)

The Canaries

Norwich City F.C are nicknamed The Canaries after the local pastime of canary rearing.

Norwich nightlife, according to students

The majority of clubs are on Prince of Wales Road, which are all relatively cheap. It can get quite busy and rowdy, as you'd expect. If that's not your vibe, there are plenty of smaller, quaint pubs and bars dotted about the city [like] the Playhouse Bar, which is right next to the Norwich University of the Arts campus. (Third year student, Norwich University of the Arts)

England's first UNESCO City of Literature 

One of only 11 such cities in the world, Norwich has been host to a lot of literary history, from recent Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro, to Julian of Norwich – the first woman known to have published a book in the English language, sometime in the 14th century! 

Student life in Norwich

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Treat yourself
Cecelia’s [cocktail bar] is a must if you enjoy an Instagram pic. It has loads of walls with neon signs, or hanging benches perfect for photos. It’s bathroom is iconic, with flowers hanging from the ceiling. (University of East Anglia student)
Low on cash
The famous Norwich Castle is free entry with a student pass. You can pick up cheap and tasty food [in] the market. (Second year student, Norwich University of the Arts)
Friday feeling
Propaganda at The Waterfront [has] got all the tunes, from pop to indie, that will keep you going for the whole night. Their signature cocktails [are] inspired by Pokemon and Marvel characters. (University of East Anglia student)
Sunday chilling
Mousehold Heath and Kett’s Heights are the perfect spots for a walk, and for enjoying the view of Norwich. Having natural spots so close to the city gives [you the] perfect chance to chill out. (Third year student, University of East Anglia)
When family visit
It’s always nice to go visit the Cathedral, and have a stroll down the lanes. Never pass up the chance to go to Grosvenor [Fish Bar] for the best fish and chips. (Third year student, University of East Anglia)
Feeling cultural
The Sainsbury Centre is an art gallery on the UEA campus. The Birdcage has poetry and open mic nights regularly. (Second year student, Norwich University of the Arts)
Catch up with mates
The Lamb Inn does great food and drinks. The best part? They have N64s set up at the tables with Mario Kart. (Second year student, Norwich University of the Arts)
Grab a bite
As a vegan living in Norwich, I feel spoilt for choice! [My] new favourite is Erpingham House, which offers everything from brunch, to cocktails, to dinner. Another favourite is Tofurei. (Second year student, University of East Anglia)

Norwich in pictures

The Plantation Garden

A beautiful place to spend time with friends, relax, have a picnic. or take photos. (Tiffany Chapman, third year student at Norwich University of the Arts)

Earlham Park

I walk through this park next to campus every day, on my way to lectures. It is a really nice, relaxing start to the day. (Sam, second year student at University of East Anglia)

Norwich Cathedral

This is a random photo I took on my compact film camera of the Cathedral around autumn. It’s a rather pretty building, and you can almost see it from wherever [you are] in the city. (Brandon Tilley, Norwich University of the Arts student)

Living in Norwich, according to students

The Golden Triangle is fantastic for students, as it’s reasonably priced for the location, while being flanked by both the uni bus routes on Unthank and Earlham Road. Near me, I have a great number of pubs, takeaways, as well as a Tesco and Coop just five minutes away. (Third year student, University of East Anglia)

Norwich at night

I find Norwich to be quite a pretty city, in particular at night. It always feels safe and isn’t too crowded. (Phoebe, University of East Anglia student)

Living in Norwich, according to students

Bowthorpe is a lovely area! It’s clean and full of countryside. The houses are large for a good price, and Bowthorpe centre has all the shops you could want. It is a 25 to 30-minute walk to uni which can be tedious, but is only a ten to 15-minute bike ride (and a very nice bike ride). The buses near Bowthorpe are, unfortunately, quite unreliable. (Second year student, University of East Anglia)

Living in Norwich

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Where you'll find students*
  • Unthank
  • Earlham
  • Bowthorpe
Local transport*
  • £18
  • FirstWeek
  • (Bus)
*Average mean rents via (Feb 2017). Value for money via Which? University Survey 2016. Local transport via local operators' website.

Student money tips

The Golden Triangle is the cheapest place to live, but bear in mind that you get what you pay for: low price for low quality. Three Score is the nicest area to live, that's cheap. It's real homely, but the bus links are pretty poor. (Second year student, University of East Anglia)

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