Study in Pontypridd

Market town ‘Ponty’ is nestled within the lush South Wales valleys, with the hustle and bustle of Cardiff just half an hour away.

It's very well connected to Cardiff and all the amenities there, while also having a countryside feel due to the surrounding greenery and hills. There's also plenty of options for student activities, as basically everyone who lives there is a student, so the town provides for them very well. (Third year student, University of South Wales)

The Old Bridge

The 140ft single-span bridge remains the town’s most famous landmark. In fact, Ponty’s name comes from ‘Pont-y-ty-pridd’, or ‘bridge of the earthen house’ in Welsh. 

Pontypridd nightlife, according to students

There are a whole bunch of pubs and clubs in both Treforest and Pontypridd, giving plenty of options. It is also only 25 minutes by train to Cardiff, which has one of the most vibrant music and nightlife scenes in the UK. In Pontypridd, everything is fairly cheap as well due to its location in the Valleys. (Third year student, University of South Wales)

Tom Jones

Pop music legend and The Voice judge Tom Jones has melted millions of hearts around the world – he was born and bred down the road, in the village of Treforest.

Pontypridd nightlife, according to students

Cardiff is the more popular place to go. [It’s] 20 minutes by train, and a taxi ride back. It’s easy, and it isn’t too expensive – usually about £30 to get a taxi. Ponty has Club Ice, a Spoons that has a dancefloor on the weekends, and Skinny Dog. Ponty is a bit more relaxed than Cardiff. There are also some nice pubs closer to campus in Ponty – Randy Dragon is a great option. (Second year student, University of South Wales)

Pontypridd Victorian Lido

Lido Ponty, a Grade II listed lido, has been restored to its former glory and updated for the 21st Century visitor.

Student life in Ponytpridd

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Just go out for a hike! Walk up a hill, you’ll see some horses, sheep, pigs, etc. and you’ll see some amazing views! Watch the sunset on a nice day. (Third year student, University of South Wales)
Treat yourself
Catch a train down to Cardiff. Visit the St David's Centre for some shopping, or head over to Live Lounge for some drinks and music. (University of South Wales student)
Friday night out
For drinking, the Tumble Inn Wetherspoons in Ponty is the place to go. [There aren't] any sort of live music [or] comedy places, but there [are] a lot in Cardiff, like Glee Club. (Third year student, University of South Wales)
Sunday chilling
If you have the money, I'd recommend catching a bus up to Brecon for a walk in the Beacons, as it is beautiful up there. If you're the arty type, [take] a sketchpad or a quality camera to capture the views. (University of South Wales student)
When family visit
Cardiff is the best place for family activities. Being the capital of Wales, it's filled with variety. (University of South Wales student)
Feeling cultural
There is a museum about the history of Pontypridd, however, it is better to go into Cardiff. (Third year student, University of South Wales)
Catch up with mates
Hoffi Coffee is the go-to coffee shop – they do good paninis. (Third year student, University of South Wales)
Grab a bite
My favourite restaurant has to be Barinis, I love the mixed grill, gammon, or the steak – they’re usually my go-to options. Lovely, affordable, and very quick to serve you. (Second year student, University of South Wales)


These small, clay rugby figures have been handmade here since the 1970s. Pop into the little red Broadway shop, and pick up a souvenir of your Ponty tenure. 

Living in Pontypridd, according to students

The whole of Treforest is really close to campus, as well as train and bus routes. The only downside is that to get to a major supermarket, you either have to go up quite a steep hill for 25 minutes, or go all the way to the outskirts of Ponty. (Third year student, University of South Wales)

Coed-Pen-Maen Common

My mate and I went to see the sunset, and have a picnic. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy, but it is very pretty up there, with walking paths and places to explore. You can see the entire valley from up there. (Cailin, second year student at University of South Wales)

Living in Pontypridd, according to students

Our Treforest campus is based in the beautiful Welsh Valleys, where you'll be surrounded by picturesque views and only 20 minutes from Cardiff. (Lucy Fishley, Psychology, University of South Wales).

Living in Pontypridd

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Where you'll find students
  • Treforest
Local transport
  • Mytravelpass discounted scheme funded by Welsh Government
  • 6–21 year-old residents in Wales can save 1/3 on bus fares

Student money tips

Ponty market has a lot of cheap grocers and general household items in it, so you don't need to go to supermarkets, or get the train into Cardiff to get fresh food. (Third year student, University of South Wales)

The cost of living as a student soon adds up, us our budget calculator to find out roughly how much you'll need each month.

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