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While Manchester and Liverpool get all the attention, nearby Preston has plenty of perks for its smaller size, including a strong student population, and lots of green spaces.

Preston is small relative to large cities like Birmingham; however it has a large enough collection of shops, a beautiful art gallery/museum with free entry, [and] a nice market/event space where things such as Preston Pride occur. It is close to the coast [as well as], Liverpool, and Manchester. It is definitely a student town, and you feel that the university has a large importance. (University of Central Lancashire student)

Preston nightlife, according to students

All bars and clubs are in the city centre, only metres apart. When you walk out of clubs, there are always police and club bouncers, and taxis there to help you get home safe. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)

What Preston's famous for...

Butter Pie

Described as ‘pure, unrelenting, delicious fat’, this local fave – butter, potatoes, and onion in a pie – is best enjoyed over a Preston North End game.


Preston nightlife, according to students

I’m not big [on] ‘going out’, but there are plenty of clubs to choose from [if I do]. Warehouse seems to be the most popular among students. What I’m particularly happy about is that there are occasionally clubs rented out by the K-club society to play Kpop all night – as a big Kpop fan who never had the opportunity to go to K-clubs, this is great! (University of Central Lancashire student)

Finger-lickin' history

The first KFC outside of the United States and Canada opened in Preston's Fishergate area of all places, in 1965.

Living in Preston, according to students

Plungington – I live here because the rent is super cheap. It is less than ten-minutes away from campus. There is a Spar and Co-op less than five minutes down the road. (University of Central Lancashire student)

Freddie Flintoff

One of English cricket's all-time greats, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff may be the most well-known Prestonian. Since retiring, Flintoff has become a firm favourite on television.

Student life in Preston

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Avenham Park is a beautiful, big park where you can go for a break from flatmates, a picnic, play football, or a workout. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)
Treat yourself
The most fancy, upmarket restaurant would be Bistro Pierre – it’s in an old church, and the food is delicious! [Alternatively] take some friends to Level for bowling, laser tag, assault courses, karaoke, and more! (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)
Friday night out
Warehouse for the emo, punk, and [alternative] kids. [There’s] other nightclubs, like Switch. There’s usually always a live music event, like Cascada, Basshunter etc. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)
Sunday chilling
[There’s a] cycling trail around Preston (the Guild Wheel]. A short drive out of the city takes you into the Forest of Bowland, which is truly breathtaking. (University of Central Lancashire student)
When family visit
Angelo’s for a nice dinner with the family, and then a walk down the Fishergate strip. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)
Feeling cultural
The [Harris] Museum and Art Gallery is a really relaxed way to spend the day. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)
Catch up with mates
A great pub is Ships and Giggles, one of the only places outside of the cinemas to sell Tango IceBlasts – they put alcohol in it too. There are some lovely artisan coffee shops. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)
Grab a bite
Roper Hall is amazing. They are an American diner with a British feel! They have a ‘burger of the month’, and last Easter they had a Hot Cross Bun Burger which is actually delicious and not as horrible as it sounds (I promise!). (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)

Living in Preston

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Preston.

Where you'll find students
  • Plungington
  • Ashton
  • Fulwood
Local transport
  • Daily student ticket: 66p
  • Bus

Student money tips

A place that’s fairly cheap (under £20 for two people) is Coco's Soul Food! It is such a nice date place, and I can honestly say the best food I’ve had in a long time. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)

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Living in Preston, according to students

Friargate – this area is super close to campus, and only a ten to 15-minute walk from town. There’s a small Tesco Express close by, and Aldi is only ten minutes away. It’s also close to a lot of other accommodations, so my friends are just a few minutes away too. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth the cost. (Second year student, University of Central Lancashire)

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