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Sheffield's geographical diversity may surprise you, with city life, hills, and greenery all rolled into one.

Sheffield is super chill. There are so many green spaces, and everyone is super friendly! There’s a lot of industrial architecture, but also some beautiful old stone work, and you can’t beat the Peak District views! They hold some great events in the city for people of all interests, and have a great music scene with the O2 Academy, Arena, and smaller venues. (University of Sheffield student)

What Sheffield's famous for...

Theatre culture

The Crucible Theatre, Playhouse, and Lyceum make up the largest theatre complex outside of London.

Sheffield nightlife, according to students

I’ve had the wildest nights out in Sheffield, but also some of the tamest. There’s never really any pressure to dress up for a night out – I’ve been let in various places wearing Dr Martens! Your main bars, pubs, and clubs are fairly close to each other in the city centre, but West Street is the best place for a big group of bars. Bierkeller is a great one – you can dance on the tables, and get a big stein filled with various German beers. (Third year student, Sheffield Hallam University)

'Real' ale world capital

Sheffield has a proud ale culture, with more brewers per capita than Greater London, and many a Thornbridge venue.

Sheffield nightlife, according to students

I don't like West Street – but many people love it. I prefer to stick to the small, independent venues, of which there are many. Sidney and Matilda is a great small live venue. They also have comedy nights there, which are very good and free. There are great DIY live music venues like Delicious Clam, Hatch, and the Lughole punk venue. There are lots of places to see other types of shows, like Theatre Deli which hosts dance and theatre. (Third year student, University of Sheffield)

The original football club

Sheffield FC was the first independent club, formed by cricketers in the 1850s.

Student life in Sheffield

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Weston Park Museum is free, and has permanent and seasonal exhibits. The Botanical Gardens are a lovely place to chill on a sunny day. (Third year student, University of Sheffield)
Sunday chilling
The Peak District! You can get a bus from Ecclesall Road to The Fox House, a cute pub where you can grab a bite to eat, and then go for a walk. (Second year student, University of Sheffield)
When family visit
Kelham Island Museum provides some insight into Sheffield's industrial history. While you're in the area, Cutlery Works is a food hall with loads of vendors. (Third year student, University of Sheffield)
Catch up with mates
Five Rivers, a Vietnamese coffee shop, [serves] a wide variety of Vietnamese food and drink, surrounded by paper lanterns and beautiful posters. (Second year student, University of Sheffield)
Feeling cultural
The Light Cinema has cool reclining seats. There are classical concerts which have student tickets for £5, at The Crucible, The Lyceum, and Playhouse. (Second year student, University of Sheffield)
Grab a bite
My favourite place to eat would probably be at The Nottingham House pub, which makes the best pies in Sheffield. (University of Sheffield student)
Treat yourself
Kelham Island is the trendy, newly regenerated part of Sheffield. It’s home to fantastic restaurants, bars, and cafes. The monthly street food market, Peddler, is a must. (Third year student, Sheffield Hallam University)
Friday night out
The Leadmill does loads of different things, from live music, quiz nights, comedy, drag, film showings, and massive club nights. (Third year student, Sheffield Hallam University)

Sheffield in pictures

Sheffield Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre behind the train station is loved by all students. Get a group of friends, take some drinks, and spend either day time or the evening watching the whole city go by, and the sun set over the city. (Isabelle Lacy, second year student at Sheffield Hallam University)

Living in Sheffield, according to students

Crookes is a real student hub with a very village feel, despite being only a 25-minute walk from the city centre. It's up on the top of one of the seven hills of Sheffield, which gives you really amazing views of the city (although it is a steep climb back up from uni in the afternoon). The high street has a Sainsbury's and a Co-op, as well as a fruit and veg shop with a much better selection and price of fresh produce, and a zero waste shop that is a firm community favourite. It has several lively cafes, and arguably the best charity shop in the whole of Sheffield [where] you can magically find pretty much anything. (Third year student, University of Sheffield)

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

I love spending a few hours alone here when I’m overwhelmed, as it helps rebalance my mind. The temperate house, with the tropical plants, reminds me of Kew Gardens back home. (Anna Bruce, University of Sheffield student)

Burbage Edge

A 15-minute drive into the Peaks from [the] Broomhill area, and so perfect for watching the sunset. (Ruth Stewart, second year student at University of Sheffield)

Living in Sheffield, according to students

Broomhill is a great place to live, and one of the most popular areas for students. There's a decent-sized Morrisons supermarket in the heart of Broomhill, with a small Sainsbury's and Tesco nearby. Most students don't ever need to visit a big supermarket with these shops. You're also spoilt for choice for pubs and coffee shops. Most uni buildings are only a ten - 20 minute walk away. It's a bit more pricey than other student areas, but definitely worth the money as it's beautiful and safe. And being in Sheffield it's still affordable. (Third year student, University of Sheffield)

Rolling countryside

The Peak District on a cloudy day. (Hannah, third year student at Sheffield Hallam University)

Living in Sheffield

Housing, transport, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Sheffield.

Where you'll find students
  • Broomhill
  • Eccleshall Road
  • Crookes
Local transport
  • £11
  • Stagecoach Sheffield Student 7 day MegaRider
  • Bus

Student money tips

Beanies Wholefoods is a favourite with students for cheap loose fruit and vegetables. Buying zero waste bulk items, like pasta from shops like Bare Alternative on Abbeydale Road, or The Unwrapped Shop in Crookes, can actually be cheaper than buying from supermarkets, and it's more eco-friendly. (Third year student, University of Sheffield)

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