Study in Stirling

‘The Gateway to the Highlands’, Stirling’s central location has been pivotal in Scotland’s history, and makes exploring the rest of the country easy.
Rich in culture and history, with many open green spaces, cafes, and lots of students. Lots of opportunities to explore, [Stirling is equal distance] from Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as offering plenty of transport options to the Highlands. Small enough to easily get around by foot or by bike. (Second year student, University of Stirling)

What Stirling's famous for...

Stirling Castle

Located atop a steep volcanic plug, Stirling Castle was a key stronghold during the Wars of Independence between Scotland and England, switching hands several times.

Stirling nightlife, according to students

The clubs and bars are close to each other. My personal favourite is Kilted Kangaroo. It's got really quirky decor, and a student discount which is very handy. Not only is it a good place to drink, the food is also amazing – their chocolate cake is delicious. Best days to go out for partying are Tuesday as it's Skint night, Wednesdays are your sports night, and obviously Friday and Saturday are super busy as always. (Second year student, University of Stirling)

A young city

Stirling was only designated a city in 2002, as part of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. At the time, it was Scotland’s sixth official city.

Street in Stirling

Stirling nightlife, according to students

Edinburgh and Glasgow are only a short train journey away if you wanted a day shopping, or a different night out. The nightlife in Stirling is pretty good and unique to other university cities in the UK. There's Fubar night club and plenty of pubs for a good pub crawl or pub golf. (Third year student, University of Stirling)


The National Wallace Monument commemorates William Wallace, whose army defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. The film, Braveheart, chronicles Wallace’s life. 

National Wallace Monument

Student life in Stirling

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Walk up to the Wallace Monument, and continue to the peak of Dumyat – everyone should do this walk once while at uni. (Third year student, University of Stirling)
Treat yourself
The Meadowpark, and La Cucina are restaurants in Bridge of Allan – the town closest to the university – that have incredible food, but are more upmarket. (Third year student, University of Stirling)
Friday night our
Fubar quite often has nostalgia nights or DJs. There are sometimes live bands on, in some of the pubs – namely Molly Malone’s and No. 2 Baker Street – if you can’t be bothered with the club. (Second year student, University of Stirling)
Sunday chilling
The [Stirling] campus is huge and beautiful. It has a large lake [loch] with a footpath, and it's great for chilling out under the trees. (Second year student, University of Stirling)
When family visit
The Wallace Monument is good and you get an amazing view of the city. Stirling Castle is really cool for a day out. There is also a ghost tour, which I’ve heard is really good. (Second year student, University of Stirling)
Feeling cultural
The Cowane Centre often has local plays or comedians. The Macrobert Arts Centre at the university hosts plays – some done by the university drama society, which are great – and also [has] a cinema for more artsy films. (Third year student, University of Stirling)
Catch up with mates
The Burgh Coffeehouse and Unorthodox Roasters are great independent coffee shops in Stirling. (Second year student, University of Stirling)
Grab a bite
My favourite place is Cafe Aina, a Greek place where the food is all homemade, and with an honest price. The owners always make the experience comfortable. (Second year student, University of Stirling)

Stirling in pictures

Stirling campus loch

This is the campus at Stirling Uni, walking around the loch. The loch is a big part of the university, and is an important part of the university to all the students that come here. (Megan, University of Stirling student)

Stirling from above

This is the view of Stirling from the footpaths behind the university accomodation – a place you can go to get good views, and take time out from university work. (Owen Davies, second year student at University of Stirling)

Living in Stirling, according to students

Riverside is a really quiet area, which is lovely to get a bit of peace from the town. It's not the most expensive flat, however I do know there [are] cheaper accommodations available. But I really love my flat so wouldn't change it at all. I am a ten-minute walk to Tesco, which is a really lovely route beside the river, as well as a ten to 15-minute [walk] to Lidl/Aldi and B&M. I'm about ten minutes [away from] the main bus route to uni, which can take 15 minutes on a good day, and over 30 minutes when it's busy. There are a few shops, two convenience stores, a dentist, hairdressers, and a vet – the wee shops are really well stocked, and one of them has a post office which is really handy. (Second year student, University of Stirling)

Bridge of Allan

A cycling sunny day in the countryside, Bridge of Allan. (Alexia Forschner, second year student at University of Stirling)

Stirling campus

This is the view from the bridge on campus. It's always stunning when the sun is setting. (Amber Smith, second year student at University of Stirling)

Living in Stirling

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips.

Living in Stirling, according to students

City centre – the flat was very cheap for the location. There is a Sainsbury's cornershop for necessities, which is essential as it is a ten-minute walk to the big Tesco. Loads of pubs nearby, and it's a minute walk from the bus station for the bus to university – [it] guarantees you a seat, especially in the morning when the buses are heaving. (Third year student, University of Stirling)
Where you'll find students
  • Town centre
  • Riverside
  • Raploch
Local transport
  • Weekly ticket: £19
  • McGill's Student Saver Basic
  • Bus

Student money tips

If you live within a certain area in the centre, you can visit the castle for free – the normal admission is about £15 per person. With the Next bike app, you can use [the] bikes in Stirling for free as a uni student. Getting the First Bus app and buying a monthly ticket can save a lot of money. (Second year student, University of Stirling)

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