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Wales’ ‘Waterfront City’, Swansea combines city life with stunning beach views just a few minutes from the centre of town.

Swansea is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The beach is incredible, especially the Mumbles end, which has lots of little eateries, and a nature trail around it. The older [Swansea University] campus Singleton is situated right next to a huge park. There are so many independent restaurants, cafés, and bars within walking distance of each other – especially in the Uplands area. (Third year student, Swansea University)

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What Swansea's famous for...

Gower Peninsula

The UK’s very first area of outstanding natural beauty is the perfect escape from the stresses of student life, with secret beaches, paragliders, birds, and more.

Swansea nightlife, according to students

Most Swansea students will go to Wind Street on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. There are often student deals to make it a bit more friendly on the student bank account. The nightlife is safe, and there will always be people there to help, whether that be club staff giving out wristbands or bouncers. Campus buses run 24 hours a day [Monday to Saturday], and taxis can be found at either end of Wind Street. (Swansea University student)

Dylan Thomas

While Swansea has lots of famous links, poet Dylan Thomas is the city’s most revered figure. He wrote most of his work as a teenager, about growing up in Wales.

Swansea nightlife, according to students

For people who prefer more alternative music or DnB events, there's a club called Sin City opposite the main Tesco. Sin is owned by [Swansea University] so has very affordable event nights. There are also a number of pubs and bars across Swansea, with Wig & Pen being my local favourite. (Third year student, Swansea University)

Football for the fans

In a world of millionaire owners, Swansea Football Club is a pleasant exception. The Swans' fans own a fifth of their beloved club.

Student life in Swansea

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
Go to the beach and make fires, or swim in the sea in the summer. Everything and everyone is so close together, so it’s easy to go and just chill anywhere you want. (Second year student, Swansea University)
Treat yourself
The main place for a night out is down Wind Street (often misheard as ‘Wine Street’), which has a huge number of clubs, bars, restaurants and fast food places for after (including a Maccies). (Second year student, Swansea University)
Friday night out
Loads of drum and bass artists perform [at Sin City] regularly. There are also themed events at Sin, like ‘80s Night’, ‘Stranger Things night’, ‘Emo Night’, [or] ‘Silent Disco’. (Third year student, Swansea University)
Sunday chilling
There’s a cycle path along the seafront which goes all the way to The Mumbles, offering stunning views of Swansea Bay. (Second year student, Swansea University)
When family visit
The beach is always a popular option when parents visit, as you can walk and talk. The Mumbles is a quieter and more upmarket place to go out and eat, if you want to get away from the city centre. (Second year student, Swansea University)
Feeling cultural
Cinema and Co. is the cutest art [cinema], and put on really cool indie/old films, as well as new ones. (Second year student, Swansea University)
Catch up with mates
There are so many pubs, most of which would be down Wind Street, or in Uplands. My favourite cheap pub is Wig & Pen, or Hoogah for wine. (Third year student, Swansea University)
Grab a bite
Kaspa’s Desserts is a nice dessert place offering crepes, waffles, and sundaes. I enjoy the Kinder Bueno waffles, with strawberries on top. (Second year student, Swansea University)

Swansea in pictures

Llangennith Beach

Llangennith Beach, [a] 20-minute drive from Swansea centre. (Cait, second year student at Swansea University)

Living in Swansea, according to students

Brynmill is the most popular area for second and third year students because it’s within walking distance to the main campus, if you cut through Singleton Park. Plenty of students live in this area, which makes it good for nightlife or taxi-sharing when you come back from a night out. There are cafes and restaurants dotted around, and plenty of smaller Tescos/Costcutters, as well as the main supermarkets.(Second year student, Swansea University)

Swansea Bay

This is Swansea Bay beach opposite Singleton campus. You get the most stunning views walking along here. In the summer, barbecues and bonfires are a must! (Emma, second year student at Swansea University)

Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay, when I went on a walk with uni friends for the first time. It was amazing to see sheep literally climbing cliff faces, and not being phased at all. They would walk right near us as well, and not be worried at all. It's a beautiful place to see at some point. (Izzy, third year student at Swansea University)

Living in Swansea, according to students

Uplands – the area is nice and is full of students, so there’s not [many complaints] from other residents unless you’re stupidly loud. It being a student area, there are lots of house parties which is really fun, and you’re always only round the corner from a pub or corner shop. It's a 15-minute walk through the park to campus, and a 15-minute walk along the beach into town. (Second year student, Swansea University)


Sometimes you have to get up in the morning for 9am lectures. It's well worth it for the sunrises you get over the bay. It's beautiful cycling along the bike path to campus, and you never get bored of it. (Ben, second year student at Swansea University)

Living in Swansea

Housing, travel, and budgeting tips. You can also check our accommodation site if you're looking for student accommodation in Swansea.

Where you'll find students
  • Brynmill
  • Uplands
  • Sandfields
Local transport
  • Mytravelpass discounted scheme funded by Welsh Government
  • 6–21 year-old residents in Wales can save 1/3 on bus fares

Student money tips

Park Tawe [retail park] has free parking for three hours if you want to go into town but don't want to spend money on parking. For meat, if you don't mind going out of your way, head to Mumbles (by getting the 2 bus) – there's a butchers called Tuckers Butchers that do good offers. (Third year student, Swansea University)

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