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In the heart of the West Midlands – and less than 20 minutes from Birmingham by train – Wolverhampton might surprise you with its National Trust estates and venues.
Wolverhampton is a historic city in the West Midlands. The city has excellent travel links, and is a reasonable distance from most destinations: 20 minutes from Birmingham city centre by train, London one and a half hours away, and Manchester one hour away. The Midlands is known for its engineering base, with local firms such as Jaguar Landrover and other manufacturing giants in the city. The nightlife is good – Birmingham is accessible for clubbing and concerts. The music scene is varied with concerts from local bands. (University of Wolverhampton student)

What Wolverhampton's famous for...

'The Black Country'

Parts of Wolverhampton fall into ‘The Black Country’: an area synonymous with the 19th century’s heavy industry, and the pillars of black smoke that dominated the sky.

Wolverhampton nightlife, according to students

There are a few different nightclubs: Popworld, The Grain Store, and The Planet. They’re all different in terms of music so there’s something for everyone! So many pubs, and there is also a Spoons. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)


The world’s largest and oldest society for those with high IQs is based here. While knowing this won’t grant you membership alone, it might help you in a pub quiz.

Wolverhampton nightlife, according to students

It’s full of chains, so if you don’t like that, then it’s not for you. But it’s super easy to get to Birmingham, where there’s gay clubs, indie pubs, and other chains too. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)

Wolves and luchadors

A founding team of the English football league, Wolverhampton Wanderers also made one of football's most unexpected hires, in luchador wrestler Sin Cara as their ‘Director of International Development’. 

Student life in Wolverhampton

Local gems, tips, and things to do, as recommended by students.
Low on cash
[There’s a] free art gallery, [and] a lot of cheap food joints – [there’s] an amazing noodle stand, which is in town most days. Birmingham is super close and cheap to get to, if you need a change of scenery. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)
Treat yourself
The Bohemian has amazing cocktails for a special night. If you wanted to go shopping, you could go to the Mander Centre for some retail therapy. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)
Friday night out
The Royal London has quiz nights, [and] acts as a club as well as a pub. Planet is great for heavier music tastes, Popworld for a more chill night out and more classic hits. Whenever there’s a football match, there’s loads of food stalls that pop up all around town and near the stadium. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)
Sunday chilling
Pendeford Mill is a local nature reserve, probably 15 minutes away in a car. It’s a mile around the outer edge, and a popular spot for cycling or jogging. The city at night is a view in itself – the art block on City Campus lights up. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)
When family visit
Bantock Park, Dudley Zoo, West Midlands Safari Park, or Black Country Living Museum – Peaky Blinders was filmed here! (University of Wolverhampton student)
Feeling cultural
The Grand Theatre for big shows, or The Arena Theatre for uni and indie shows, and poetry nights. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)
Catch up with mates
The Leaping Wolf has a lovely atmosphere for a pint with friends. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)
Grab a bite
The Little Dessert Shop has some wonderful sweet treats, my favourite being the strawberry waffle. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)

Wolverhampton in pictures

West Park

West Park on a morning. This was my daily commute for the past year. Seeing the changing seasons was a nice break from the stresses of uni work. (Charlie Jolly, second year student at University of Wolverhampton)

Living in Wolverhampton, according to students

West Park – the area is right next to West Park, which was lovely to walk around when I needed to clear my head. Asda was about a 20-minute walk. There’s a bus route which could shorten that, but I never felt the need to really use it. There’s a lot of different paths connecting the area to the town and uni, so I could always take a different route if I wanted a change of scenery. The area itself was really nice, and I’d choose to live here again. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)

West Park Lake 

A scenic park where you can admire the wildfowl. (Helen Tudor, third year student at University of Wolverhampton)

Living in Wolverhampton, according to students

West Park – it’s a good price to live, and having the park just down the road is a relief on days where you just need a walk. It is an uphill walk to the uni, but it’s not that bad if you take it steady. It is around 15-20 minutes at a good pace to get to the uni and the city centre. It’s less busy than being so close to the Molineux football stadium – you can’t hear the matches (usually!), unlike in the student halls. Asda is slightly further away [than when in halls], but it’s really not all that far, and there’s a lot of smaller shops that are more local if you want to avoid supermarkets. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)

St. Peter's Collegiate Church

Where you'll find students
  • Whitmore Reams/Staveley Road
  • West Park
  • City centre
Local transport
  • National Express term pass = £180
  • Bus

Student money tips

There’s a nice little vegan cafe called Nutmeg, which is really cute and cheap considering the quality of food. But it’s got odd opening times so check first. (Second year student, University of Wolverhampton)

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