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Tomorrow's UCAS Cornwall exhibition has been cancelled

Due to the weather conditions, we have cancelled the higher education exhibition in Cornwall to be held Monday 19 March.
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Planned maintenance: 16 – 18 March

Due to planned maintenance, the services below will be unavailable from 18:00 on Friday 16 March until 23:59 on Sunday 18 March (UK time):

  • UCAS Undergraduate Apply and Track
  • UCAS Teacher Training Apply, Track, and the search tool
  • UCAS Conservatoires Apply and Track
  • UCAS Postgraduate Apply
During this time, you won’t be able to work on your application, sign in to Track, or use the UCAS Teacher Training search tool.

Making changes to your UCAS Postgraduate application

You may need to make changes to your application after it's been sent to us. Here we'll explain what you need to do.
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Cancelling your application

  • If you've changed your mind you can cancel your application. The easiest way to do this is to call us but you can complete and return our  UKPASS cancellation form.
  • You can withdraw an application by signing into your application summary and clicking 'Application ID'. This will display the 'View application' screen where you can withdraw.
  • You cannot reinstate a withdrawn application online. If, in exceptional circumstances, you need to reinstate a withdrawn application, please call us. A withdrawn application counts towards the maximum number of ten.

Changing information 

Sign in to your application summary, select 'Amend personal data' to add or change information in any of the following sections:

  • personal details
  • further details
  • school/high school details and qualifications
  • university/college details
  • professional qualifications/English proficiency

We'll send the revised information to the universities electronically.

When you add or change information, we'll automatically make the same changes to any other applications you've already sent us. You will, however, need to update any applications which you've partially completed. If you make another new application, we'll automatically transfer data onto it, including any changes you've made.

Information you cannot change

You cannot add or change information in any of the following sections after you've sent it to us:

  • course information
  • personal statement
  • referees' details
  • references
If you need to make any changes to these sections, send full details to the university or college.

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