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Customer Experience Centre availability – 25 July

Our Customer Experience Centre will be closed from 10:15 until 12:30 (UK time) on Tuesday 25 July, due to staff training.

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UCAS Undergraduate Track availability: July/August 2017

UCAS Undergraduate Track will be unavailable at times while we process exam results. Check the availability of Track.

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UCAS Undergraduate Track availability: 22 – 23 July

UCAS Undergraduate Track will be unavailable from 06:00 on Saturday 22 July until 22:00 on Sunday 23 July (UK time), due to maintenance. During this time, you won’t be able to sign in to Track.

Been accepted?

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What happens next?

  • Once your place at uni is confirmed you don't need to do anything further in Track.
  • Track will display your Confirmation letter – this will give you instructions if you need to take any further action with the uni.
  • It’s a good idea to spend some time preparing to start your course – there’s information below on the types of things to think about.
  • Be ready for the start of term – make sure you’ve looked in to managing your money, travel arrangements, course materials and where to find support once you arrive on campus.



  • If you’re moving somewhere new make sure you’ve found a place to live.
  • Whether it’s halls or privately rented, think about insurance, a TV licence, and any bills or supplies.

Better results than expected?

  • If you got better exam results than expected, and met and exceeded the conditions of your firm choice, you could take a look at our Adjustment service to see if there's anything else you'd like to study.
  • If you're happy with your first choice then stick with that.
  • However, with our Adjustment service you can see what other options there might be.
  • Adjustment is available for up to five days between 17 – 31 August.

How Adjustment works