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Issue with UCAS Undergraduate Track updates now resolved

Recently, some applicants experienced an issue with updates not displaying in UCAS Undergraduate Track – this has now been resolved. If you were affected by this issue, please sign in to Track to see your updated application.

Thinking about uni?

Thinking about university? See the different options to help you decide, then we'll show you how to make your application.
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First we’ll show you all the different options to help you decide whether you want to go to university or college. Then if you choose to go ahead, we’ll show you how to make your application on 

The possibilities

University or college – gain valuable skills and a qualification to help you follow your chosen career.

Work – apply for jobs now, or start your own business, with the aim to work up to your future goals.

Training – prepare for the world of work, or learn on the job while you work.

Volunteering – gain experience to help you towards your work or study aspirations.

Travel – get cultural insights during working holidays, learning, conservation or teaching.

Research the options

  1. What to study – what the options are and how to choose between them. 
  2. Flexible and part-time study – combining education with work, training or other responsibilities.
  3. Alternatives to uni – training, volunteering and travel.
  4. UCAS' career finder tool – register for personalised alerts for apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, internships, work experience placements, graduate schemes, and more.

Preparing for the next step

There are lots of extra-curricular activities that can help you decide your future, as well as looking great on your UCAS application and your CV.

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