Here you’ll find updates from the Scottish Government and information from SQA (the examinations regulator) about how grades will be awarded this year, and any updates to the results and appeals process

Revised grades (Centre Assessment Grades) are now with universities and colleges – 20 August

This afternoon we sent universities and colleges revised grades (Centre Assessment Grades). 

Here’s our advice on what you should do next…

1. Make sure you know if your grades have changed
If you haven’t already received your revised grades, contact your school or college. UCAS and universities cannot share these with you.

2. If you’re happy with your place you are holding right now, don’t do anything
If you are happy with your university place, you do not need to do anything. You’ll be starting your studies as planned.

3. You will not automatically be confirmed at your original firm choice
Universities received new grades today, so please be patient while they process them. If you want to change, you will need to speak to the university or college. They will advise you how to change your choice. 

4. Clearing is still open
If you are unplaced or want to change your mind, Clearing is still available to find a place. We advise you to talk to your school or college about next steps and keep researching your options. You can use your new revised grades to find a place in Clearing.

If you’d like to know more about revised grades (Centre Assessment Grades) and what they could mean for your application, catch up on our recent Facebook live session.

An update about SQA results – 19 August 2020

It was recently announced that students in Scotland will now receive the grades submitted by their teachers if they’re higher than the grades they received on 4 August.

The next step is for SQA to share any revised grades with UCAS, and for us to pass these on to universities and colleges. We hope this will happen by this Friday, 21 August.

We are not able to share your results with you (universities can’t either). You will need to contact your school or college to get your revised grades.

Here’s three key things you need to know:

1. No one will receive a lower grade or lose their current university or college place.  
If you are happy with your university or college place, you do not need to do anything. You’ll be starting your studies as planned.

2. Offers will not automatically change in Track.
If you’re thinking of changing your university, college, or course you are currently placed with, you will need to wait until they have received your revised grades to be able to progress your options with a university or college.

3. You will not automatically be confirmed at your original firm choice.
If you missed out on your firm choice, but now meet the conditions with your revised grades and want to return to your original choice, you will need to contact the university or college once they have received the revised grades.

Once revised grades are with universities or colleges, we will email to let you know and to offer our advice.

Universities and colleges have been asked to try to be flexible when making admissions decisions this summer for any private candidates who do not receive a grade. We advise you contact your university or college to discuss your options – they may be able to consider other evidence and information where possible.

SWAP Access Programmes

How grades will be calculated

Successful completion of a SWAP programme is based on academic development, preparation for higher education, and a student profile. Work is being undertaken by the partnership of universities and colleges to ensure no SWAP student is unfairly disadvantaged by coronavirus. Academic completion and the student profile will take into account the change in circumstances, as well as acknowledging the challenging personal circumstances of SWAP students, many of whom are key workers. Students are asked to engage fully with their programme college tutors to maintain their development and progress.

When will grades be released?

SWAP will progress profile grades to universities from July onwards. Appropriate flexibility will be provided to our college partners and students in providing final profile grades to our university partners. 

Further guidance

Students should contact their college tutors for up-to-date information.

SWAP offices continue to be open to support all SWAP students. SWAP Directors can be contacted by any student to discuss their issues or concerns.

SWAPEast programmes: Lesley Dunbar

SWAPWest programmes: Kenny Anderson on 0141 564 7206 or at

Scottish HNC/HND

SQA and Colleges Scotland have now shared how they are planning to approach  assessing HNC, HND, NC, NPA, and NQ units

This means that college colleagues will be able to take a holistic approach, where necessary, in determining grades. This will enable colleges to use their professional judgement to assess other learner evidence, including knowledge of their learners’ progress and achievements to date.

SQA, in collaboration with Colleges Scotland and college colleagues, has provided guidance materials to all colleges in Scotland, which provides them with further information on this change in approach for this session.

Resulting and certification

Once holistic assessment decisions have been finalised, student results for the planned units contained within a group award will be submitted to SQA through normal resulting channels. Certification will be undertaken by SQA in line with normal arrangements. Any changes to these will be communicated to colleges.

It is essential that accurate and complete data is entered for certification to ensure that students are awarded the certificates they deserve, enabling them to take their next steps into further or higher education, employment, or apprenticeships.

External verification

Again, in line with our previous statement, given the current situation, we will operate a reduced external verification model for HNs, NCs, and NPAs, that will enable a reasonable level of quality assurance to be undertaken remotely, to support the safe and secure delivery of our qualifications, while recognising the current challenges we all face.

Next steps

SQA is currently reviewing the subject areas where alternative approaches to assessment may not be suitable and therefore a holistic approach cannot be taken – for example, where there are matters of health and safety to be considered. Further guidance on this will be provided to you in the coming days.

In addition, we are in discussions with regulators and other relevant bodies, reviewing the position for other vocational qualifications, including Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), Professional Development Awards (PDAs), and licence to practise qualifications. We will provide an update and guidance for these as they become available.

Further guidance for students

We appreciate that students may have questions about these arrangements, and they should contact their own colleges who will have helpful FAQs to answer these.

You can read more about Scottish HNC/HNDs on the SQA website. 

Other qualifications 

If you are taking other qualifications, you might have questions about how these will be assessed and how grades will be awarded. The table below will give you an indication of the latest updates from the awarding organisations. If yours isn't listed, or you need more information, we recommend you contact the awarding organisation directly and they will be able to give you the most up-to-date advice.

We recognise that some students may feel disappointed that they haven’t been able to complete their assessments. If you do not feel your calculated grades reflect your expected performance, you will have the opportunity to appeal or you may choose to sit your assessments at the earliest reasonable opportunity. If you do this, you should be aware that taking your assessments later may impact you progressing to university in September as planned. 


The Scottish Government (SG) has been developing a new student website – It's currently a beta site, but offers a range of financial information to both further and higher education students.

It includes a budget calculator and a funding checker, which tells you how much you could potentially need, and gives an estimate on how much you could potentially receive.

The Student Awards Agency Scotland will endeavour to continue to fund students on time, and you will be kept updated throughout. The Further and Higher Education Minister is working closely with the Scottish Funding Council, college and university principals and unions.

Universities are working very closely with the Scottish Qualifications Authority, schools, Government, and others to make this work. We want to ensure that even in these extraordinary circumstances, students are able to demonstrate their abilities and progress to higher education.

Attending a UCAS event?

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