Everything you and your child need to know is explained across the UCAS website, but here we highlight the most important things to consider.

How it all works

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Read and download our guide for everything you need to advise and support a young person with their options, decision-making, and UCAS application:

The Getting started area will explain the various things your child needs to know to make a fully informed decision about their future.
  • Firstly deciding what type of undergraduate course to study.
  • The main application deadlines are in October, January, and March, depending on the course.
  • Up to five courses can be chosen, to increase the chance of getting a place.
The Find a course area is where in-depth information is listed about undergraduate courses.
  • How to choose between similar courses and course providers.
  • What the entry requirements and course fees are for each course.
  • When the application deadline is for each course.
The Applying to university area explains how to complete an application and how to track its progress.
  • What information will need to be provided.
  • How to write a personal statement.
  • How to respond to offers, and what to do with exam results.
The Finance and support area explores student finance and the support available for any individual needs they may have.
  • How, where, and when to apply for a student loan.
  • What further financial support is available.
  • Support on campus and accessibility.