The key dates you need for 2024 entry applications, to help your child keep their application on track.
  1. 2 May 2023

    Courses starting in 2024 are available in the UCAS search tool.
  2. 16 May 2023

    UCAS Undergraduate application live for 2024 entry registration. Your child can start their application but cannot submit it to UCAS until September.
  3. 12 Jul 2023

    UCAS Conservatoires applications open for 2024 entry. Applicants can register, pay, and submit their applications to UCAS.
  4. 5 Sep 2023

    Completed UCAS Undergraduate applications can be sent to UCAS. All sections must be complete, the reference added, and the application fee paid.
  5. 02 Oct

    2 October 2023 18:00 (UK time)

    Application deadline for conservatoire music applications. Applications for dance, drama, and musical theatre courses may have a different deadline – check conservatoires’ websites for information.
  6. 16 Oct

    16 October 2023 18:00 (UK time)

    Deadline for applications to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for most courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine/science. Application can be sent after this, but universities and colleges concerned cannot guarantee they’ll give it equal consideration.
  7. 31 Jan

    31 January 2024 18:00 (UK time)

    Deadline for most undergraduate courses and most conservatoire undergraduate dance, drama, or musical theatre courses. Applications can be sent after this, but providers cannot guarantee they’ll give it equal consideration.
  8. 28 Feb 2024

    Extra opens. If your child has used all five choices and is not holding an offer, they can add another choice using Extra.
  9. 30 Jun

    30 June 2024 18:00 (UK time)

    Last date for receipt of applications with choices. Applications received after this deadline are automatically
    entered into Clearing.
  10. 4 July 2024

    Extra closes.
  11. 5 July 2024

    Clearing opens, and vacancies are shown in the UCAS search tool.


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Don't leave it until the last minute

Encourage your child to leave contingency time before the UCAS deadline in case something goes wrong, for example, loss of internet access, card payment failure, or if the reference isn’t added in time. If they’re applying through their school or college, it will be a member of staff who sends their application to us.

Journey of an application

1. Apply online

The UCAS Hub is designed to help your child explore all their post-18 options in one central place. They can research subjects there and find courses in the search tool, where they can check entry requirements and application deadlines. They need to register and apply in the UCAS Hub.

2. Wait to hear back

Universities or colleges will decide whether to make your child an offer. It’ll be:

  • unconditional – if they’ve already met the entry requirements
  • conditional – if the offer’s based on exam results 

3. Reply to offers

Once all the decisions are in, your child has to reply to their offers by a specific deadline.

  • Select a firm choice – this is the first choice.
  • If the firm choice is conditional, your child can select an insurance choice too, if they want – this is a back-up.
  • Decline any other offers.

4. Find out if they’ve got a place

Your child will see in their application if their place is confirmed.

  • If the firm choice is unconditional, the place is theirs.
  • If the place is conditional, the university or college will update your child's status when they have their exam results, or other evidence they’ve met the conditions.
  • If they don’t meet the conditions they may be unsuccessful – in this case, they can use Clearing to apply for more courses.
  • If your child changes their mind and no longer wants their firm choice, they can use the ‘decline my place’ button in their application to use Clearing to find another place. More about declining a place