Personal statement advice: sociology

Demonstrating your understanding of and interest in studying sociology is a key way of impressing tutors.

What are admissions tutors looking for in a personal statement for sociology?

Cardiff University selectors like to see applicants who can demonstrate an informed understanding of the subject, a mature outlook, a wider awareness of social issues, and ideally a desire to take part themselves in ‘advancing our understanding of a diverse and fast-changing social world.’

London School of Economics want to see an original statement that gives a sense of your enthusiasm and motivation for studying sociology, and to see something of your interest in 'relationships between peoples and society.' They like the majority of your statement to be based around your subject interest and for you to reflect on why you wish to study sociology, any aspects that are of special interest to you, and how it relates to your current academic programme and your additional reading or other experiences.

Amongst other attributes, Bournemouth University likes to see that you can work independently as well as in groups.

University of Birmingham tutors would like to get a glimpse of the relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences you’ve gained, an appreciation of what a degree in sociology involves, and the interests and enthusiasm you would bring to it.

Make it clear that you are academically interested in sociology, add any relevant extra-curricular experiences, and show that you’ve done your homework.