We receive many results from the exam boards that grade your exams – these are listed below. If yours isn't there, you need to send results to your unis, colleges, or conservatoires.

What we do with your results

1. First we match them to exam entry records and to the qualifications you list on your application.

If your application info doesn't match your results, there might be a delay in the outcome of your offer.

2. Then we send them on to the unis, colleges, and conservatoires you're holding offers with.

  • Generally, it's only the overall result we process and pass on, but there are some exceptions.
  • In some cases where the exam is a modular set of subjects – like a BTEC, International Baccalaureate, or Irish Leaving Certificate – we also mention the subjects taken and grades for each one.
  • And for A levels, we include the unit grades as well as your overall grade.

International and EU students

You may have to send proof of your results in certificates or transcripts.

We’re able to send some of your results – including the International Baccalaureate – but for most international qualifications, you’ll have to send them to the university, college, or conservatoire yourself.

Different course providers have different policies for how they want to receive results. Some might ask for them as soon as you apply – others might do their initial assessment of your application before asking to see proof of your results. 

Exam results we don't receive

If you're taking an examination not listed below, it's really important that you send your results/certificates to your chosen course providers as soon as you receive them. They will need to see proof of the qualifications you listed in the 'Education' section of your application – this also means GCSE/National 5s and BTEC results!

Sending proof of qualifications is equally important if you have international qualifications.

If you do not send proof of the qualifications you listed in your application, this will hold up Confirmation decisions by universities, colleges, and conservatoires.

Exam results we receive