You’ve done it! You have secured a place at your dream university in the UK. Now use this checklist to plan all the things you need to get ready for your move…
  1. Accept university place

    Formally accept a place at your chosen university by the deadline, get a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number, and follow the instructions given to you by UCAS and the university.
  2. Sort out paperwork

    Once you have an unconditional offer from a university, or you have met the requirements they have given you, apply for the relevant visa. Most students coming to study full-time in the UK need a student visa. You will also need to complete the form and make the payment for the healthcare surcharge.
  3. Book accommodation

    There are many options for student accommodation in the UK, including at your university. You will not be allocated accommodation automatically though, so make sure you accept the offer before the deadline.
  4. Arrange a pick-up at the airport

    Find out if your university or accommodation provider will be arranging airport pick-ups – many universities offer a meet-and-greet service, and sometimes arrange free transportation to your accommodation.
  5. Book your travel

    The UK has several airports and seaports, so choose how best to travel to the UK and get to your accommodation. 
  6. Arrange insurance

    Arrange travel insurance to cover yourself and your possessions, and check with your accommodation provider whether their insurance covers your personal possessions from theft, loss, and damage. If it is not covered, you may like to arrange insurance yourself.
  7. Pack your things

    Pack light, remember most airlines only allow between 23kg to 32kg and you can get almost everything in the UK as we are multicultural country. There are also restrictions on what you can bring into the UK, such as certain foods, plants, and large amounts of money – so familiarise yourself with the rules. Also, pack a bag you can take as hand luggage, that includes your paperwork, money, warm clothing, and the contact details of your university or accommodation provider.
  8. Start making friends

    You don’t need to wait until you get to the UK to start making friends. Use social channels run by your course, university, or accommodation provider to meet other students who will be starting at the same time.