Listen to our live studio podcasts about all things Clearing, results day, and how to take control of your future.

Get ready for Clearing and results day

Discover all you need to know in three episodes. 

We know you’ll have lots of questions about results day and Clearing. Like what are your options on results day? What happens if you change your mind about your choices?

Sit back and listen to your host, Katie Thistleton, as she talks to our panel of experts and discovers the answers to your questions. You’ll get advice from author Natasha Devon, top tips from university admissions advisers, and hear from apprentices, employers and students who have been through Clearing.

Are you ready for results day?

Are you ready for results day?

What do you really need to know about Clearing?

How should you prepare for results day?

Here we talk about your different choices, the chances of you getting your first choice, how to upgrade your course, and more.

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Can you change your mind?

Can I change my mind?

Thinking about doing something different now you’ve had the chance to reflect?

We cover how to navigate changing your mind, how to switch courses, swap universities or choose a job, gap year or an apprenticeship instead.

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What if you don't get your grades?

What if I don’t get my grades?

If you don’t get the grades for your first choice, we’ll talk you through what happens next and what your options are.

How can you prepare and get one step ahead? Listen to Katie and our experts to find out.

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