If you didn't meet your conditions, your university or college hasn't confirmed your place, and you've requested a review or appeal for one or more of your qualifications, here's advice on what to do.
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Thinking about requesting a review or an appeal?

If you’d like to query your exam mark, you can first request a review of marking or moderation. If you’re still not satisfied, you can submit an appeal.

If the review or appeal means you meet the conditions, there are no guarantees the uni or college will be able to give you a place, but there may be alternatives on similar courses, or for deferred entry.

What you need to do 

  1. Get a review underway through your school or college: do this as quickly as possible to give yourself the best chance of getting your place.
  2. Let your uni or college choices know this is happening: keep them informed – they may be able to keep the place for you while you wait for the outcome. If you’ve already had an unsuccessful decision applied to your offer, you should still get in touch with the uni or college, as they may be able to change it when they receive your results.
  3. Send your results to your uni or college choices by 7 September: we recommend unis and colleges don't make decisions on applicants who have requested a review or appeal until 7 September. But there's no guarantee they'll still be able to give you a place, even if the subsequent results are higher.  

Did you know?
All requests for reviews or appeals need to go through your school or college. If you're applying independently, contact the relevant awarding body and they will be able to suggest an accredited centre through which you can submit your request.

More info

  • If your results don't reach your uni or college choices by 7 September, they may offer you a deferred place for the following year.
  • After a review or appeal, if you meet the offer conditions of your firm choice but have been confirmed at your insurance choice: ask the firm choice uni to contact your insurance choice, so you can go back to them.
  • If you've accepted a Clearing offer and then meet the conditions of your original firm choice uni after a review or appeal: contact your original choice to ask if they'll accept you through Clearing. If they agree, ask your Clearing choice uni to put you back into the Clearing system. Add your original firm choice as a Clearing choice so they can accept you.

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