Most applicants who find themselves in Clearing tell us they find the number of course vacancies overwhelming.

If you’re finding the number of available courses overwhelming, you’re not alone. Some students choose similar courses, but others take a completely different path after finding themselves in Clearing.

We’re doing all we can to support students who find themselves without a place. Whether that’s because they haven’t met the conditions of their offers, or, they’re applying direct into Clearing.

We’ve used our insight into previous applicant choices, mixed it with what universities and colleges have told us they’re looking for, and taken the original choices and qualifications from your application to find you the perfect course.

Here’s an example of how it works. Just remember, the matches are individual to you!

  1. Rosie receives her exam results.
  2. Unfortunately, they weren’t the grades required for her firm or insurance choices.
  3. Rosie signs in to her application. She sees a ‘See matches’ button in the top right-hand corner. Once she clicks it there’s a list of her top 50 matches. From sports science, to a German major with maths as a minor.
  4. She clicks ‘interested’ on four of her matches.
  5. She gets a call from one of them, they ask her some questions about why she’d like to study the course and is offered a place.
  6. Rosie adds the course as a Clearing choice and is off to uni!

If you find yourself in Clearing, and you hit the 'See matches' button and nothing catches your eye, don’t worry, you can still use Clearing, and browse all courses and unis with vacancies using our search tool.