How to become a creative technologist: Timea's story

Meet Timea and find out about her life as a creative technologist at Uniform. Part of the BBC Bitesize World of work series.

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I think of my work as my 'nine to five' serious playtime… you can’t really ask more from a job.

  • Timea describes her job as combining a ‘playful exploration of technology with an understanding of people' – in order to connect people and brands.
  • Timea studied Computer Science in high school, which involved a lot of maths and coding. She also taught herself Photoshop and Illustrator, which made her decide to follow a more creative path in art and design.
  • She studied Illustration and Graphics at Coventry University, as part of a ‘sandwich course’, which is where you study for two years, then spend a year on a work placement or study abroad, before completing your final year at university. During that time, Timea did an internship in London as a marketing designer.
  • She says a big part of her role is being switched on and curious about the latest trends and technologies. As well as problem solving and critical thinking, experimenting a lot is important – because through that process you can understand what works and what doesn’t. Failing a lot also builds resilience

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