How to become a solar farm manager: Manish's story

Manish's journey to become a solar farm manager. Part of the BBC Bitesize World of work series.

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Renewable energy is such a new industry. There's a lot of room to experiment and try new things.

  • Manish loved GCSE Physics. He went on to do a Physics degree.
  • He was initially looking for software jobs but had a contact who suggested working in renewable energy.
  • Now Manish manages ten solar farm sites across the UK, which are fields of solar panels storing and converting energy from the sun.
  • In the office, he checks power and energy readings to make sure the solar panels are working correctly. He sometimes travels to the sites to inspect the cables and electrical equipment in person. He measures the output of electrical current from solar panels, and uses thermal cameras to check the temperature of the cables is within a safe range.

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